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Arts Kaws Releases New Astronaut Companion With AllRightsReserved

Kaws Releases New Astronaut Companion With AllRightsReserved

Kaws Releases New Astronaut Companion With AllRightsReserved
Kaws: Holiday Space celebrates 20 years since the creation of Companion with an out-of-this-world adventure.. (Photo: Kaws)
By Jianne Soriano
By Jianne Soriano
August 17, 2020
Kaws: Holiday Space sees the iconic Companion figure don an astronaut suit and be launched into space in celebration of the character's 20th anniversary

Kaws announced today that it has partnered once more with long-time collaborator and Hong Kong-based creative studio, AllRightsReserved for another release. Kaws: Holiday Space is an extension of the Kaws: Holiday project, which has already landed in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Marking its fifth stop––this time to space––Kaws: Holiday Space sees Companion, one of Kaws' signature characters, don an astronaut suit and take a sounding balloon 41.5 kilometres up into the stratosphere, with the adventure culminating in a 2-hour, zero-gravity walk before returning to Earth. The new release also celebrates 20 years since the creation of Companion.

"So many projects have been cancelled this year. I wanted to create one that could be experienced safely from home. Because this year marks 20 years since I created Companion, I tried to find a way around all the restrictions and do something special," says Kaws. "I felt so confined the past few months that creating a project like this has really given me a chance to escape."

The video of Companion's journey to space can be viewed on Kaws' Instagram, and on AllRightsReserveds's Instagram and Facebook pages. To commemorate the space exploration, three 11.5 inch Kaws: Holiday Space Companion collectibles––available in gold, silver and black––will launch exclusively on AllRightsReserved’s Ding Dong Takuhaibin website at 10 am HKT on August 18.


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