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Arts Lalique Presents: Damien Hirst’s Eternal Collection

Lalique Presents: Damien Hirst’s Eternal Collection

Lalique Presents: Damien Hirst’s Eternal Collection
By Christian Barlow
April 16, 2015

The collaboration uses Hirst’s iconic butterflies to create a collection that blends old and new, ultimately creating a timeless product

Butterflies have long been a feature in Damien Hirst’s work, often associated as a symbol of fragility and beauty. So, it’s only fitting that the contemporary artist has partnered with Lalique to create something new, with the effect similar to a modern stain-glass window. Essentially, the collection captures the beauty of the butterfly through crystal panels, creating a distinct, timeless work of art.  

The collaboration aims to crystallise time through capturing the mysterious beauty of the butterfly. Eternal is a collection of crystal panels that filter the light, which are in turn rendered blue, pink, amber, green, violet, black, or clear.

The three variations of panels, entitled Beauty, Love and Hope, are available in twelve different colours, with a limited edition of fifty per colour. Each panel has the artist’s signature engraved on the bottom right-hand corner and is numbered and accompanied with a signed edition certificate.

The Damien Hirst Eternal collection is available at select Lalique boutiques


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