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Wellness Less Is More: Make-up Artist Alexa Bui

Less Is More: Make-up Artist Alexa Bui

Less Is More: Make-up Artist Alexa Bui
By Hong Kong Tatler
April 04, 2018

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Spending quality time with her kids and her husband, travelling, a good cup of coffee, music and make-up—it's the simple things that mean the most to Alexa Bui

Tell us a bit about you and what you do.

I'm the mother of two kids, aged five and almost three, and I'm a freelance makeup artist. I also have a little Instagram account, @alexa.bui, where I post about the kids, my travels, fashion and some make-up.

What are you most passionate about?

The environment. Now that my son is learning about climate change, the topics of preservation, our carbon footprint, etc. come up on a daily basis. He is obsessed with keeping plastic out of the seas and wants to try composting. 

What makes you smile?

Watching my kids play together and spending time with my husband, Alan.

Someone you look up to?

My parents, without a doubt. They gave us happy childhoods, raised four of us and supported us in everything we chose to do. I hope I can do the same for my kids.

Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler

The one thing you can’t live without?

Coffee. I love my Nespresso machine. I wish I could be one of those mums that survive without my daily coffee but I can't! 

On the flip side, what is one thing you could do or have less of in order to improve your life?

Pollution! Every time we come back from a trip I feel this film of pollution coat my skin and then my kids start coughing. Yuck.

How do you find balance in busy Hong Kong?

I workout twice a week and practice yoga once or twice. Afternoons and weekends are devoted to my children and husband. I never go out on Saturday nights so that I can be fresh and up early on Sundays.

What are some of your self-care rituals (when it comes to beauty & skincare)?

Sundays are for masking! I first unclog my pores with a clay mask and follow up with a hydrating cream or sheet mask. I also love doing my own makeup, putting on music and Keeping Up with the Kardashians while I do it for inspiration.

Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler

How do you spend your free time?

Before kids I was a huge book lover and I still love reading. Whenever my husband has time off we love taking trips, even short ones, with or without the kids. We just really love spending time exploring the world together!

Why do you believe it’s important to take some time out for yourself?

I find myself happier and more patient with the kids when I've spent some time alone because I don't feel like I've lost myself. I strongly believe in the, "Happy Mom, happy baby" mentality.

What are some of the simple things in life that you enjoy?

I'm slowly learning to appreciate everything little thing that happens to me. Someone told me once that even a good day can be bad if your mindset is wrong, so I'm trying to stay in a positive mindset at all times (easier said than done, but I am working on it!).

What does the term “less is more” mean to you?

My personal and makeup style is all about enhancing natural beauty and not hiding it. As much as I admire the Kardashians and other makeup gurus and their makeup styles, it really isn't for me or my clients. To me "less is more" means you do just enough to see positive effects, without going overboard and in the end you still look and feel like yourself.

Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler
Photo: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler

Photography: Moses Ng/Hong Kong Tatler | Product Styling: Morning Lau

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