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Wealth Leave A Lasting Impression With A Legacy Gift To Oxfam Hong Kong

Leave A Lasting Impression With A Legacy Gift To Oxfam Hong Kong

<p>	Paulina Sibanda sits with her daughter Tafara* (9) outside their home in Zvishevane region, Zimbabwe. Paulina is a beneciary of the OXFAM We-Care project and received this fuel efficient wood stove and as well as a solar panel.</p><div>	Paulina Sibanda (48), lives in Ture village in the Zvishevane Region of Zimbabwe. She lives with her husband Opheus Dube (53), and their two children; Andrew* (17), and Tafara* (9). Paulina and Opheus have been married for about 28 years and have two older children
Photo: Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville, courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong
By Tatler Hong Kong
March 26, 2021
Tatler+ Oxfam
Gifts to Oxfam Hong Kong contribute to the fight against poverty, at a time when people need it most

Poverty is a global crisis with consequences felt here on our doorstep. Hong Kong reported a staggering 21.4 per cent poverty rate in 2019, and while data is still being collated for 2020, forecasts suggest the Covid-19 pandemic will have worsened matters significantly.  

It’s not simply a problem that money can cure. Oxfam Hong Kong is dedicated to creating lasting solutions by tackling the root causes of poverty, adopting a holistic approach that integrates development programmes, advocacy and humanitarian efforts.  

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Photo: People Service Centre, Courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong
Photo: People Service Centre, Courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong

Fighting Pandemic Poverty

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Hong Kong last year, the city’s most vulnerable residents were disproportionately impacted. To counter these effects, Oxfam Hong Kong launched a humanitarian response to distribute face masks, hand sanitisers and necessities including rice to vulnerable groups, including street cleaners, the elderly, the visually impaired. As of March 2021, more than 337,000 face masks have been distributed.

In partnership with several organisations, support and hygiene information has also been offered to ethnic minority communities in their native languages.

Oxfam fought for the rights of cleaners and sanitation workers on the frontlines of the fight against the pandemic, urging the government to provide proper protective equipment. Other advocacy efforts have included lobbying for an unemployment allowance and against the minimum wage freeze, which would increase low-income workers’ plight and bring progress to a standstill.

Through Give a Meal: Oxfam’s Food Support Project for Low-Income Families, the charity has been distributing meals to low-income families in subdivided accommodation, and is aiming to reach 600 families. In addition to providing nutritious meals, the programme equips families with the knowledge needed to buy healthy food on a budget, and has sought to create part-time employment opportunities for women from low-income backgrounds.

Photo: Ivan Yik, courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong
Photo: Ivan Yik, courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong

What Can You Do?

Donations and contributions to Oxfam Hong Kong’s advocacy and development initiatives can leave a lasting impression on those most in need. Several of the charity’s patrons have also chosen to become living legacy donors.

Vicky Ng, experienced manager in donor relations at Oxfam Hong Kong, recounts how one donor responded to a television advertisement calling for urgent support and continued to donate to the charity for another 20 years. Although quiet and modest, she remembers how he generously supported Oxfam’s work and sent each donation with a handwritten note, which formed the basis of a lifelong friendship. True to his character, he quietly left the organisation a gift in his will, enabling the charity to continue to reach vulnerable communities across the world.

A loyal supporter, who has been a monthly donor since 1999, also believes in the importance of sharing her good fortune with those who need it most. She has sought to incorporate a planned gift in her will to ensure the fight against poverty continues even after she passes.

Learn more about Oxfam Hong Kong’s Living Legacy programme here

Photo: Nick Cheung, courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong
Photo: Nick Cheung, courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong
Photo: Nick Cheung, courtesy of Oxfam Hong Kong


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