This Hotel Concierge Has A Great Tale To Tell


September 1, 2017 | BY Isabel Wong

InterContinental Hong Kong's Chief Concierge just celebrated his 60th birthday

InterContinental Hong Kong's Concierge service has been excellent since the hotel's opening in 1980. The support network behind such premium service is often easily forgotten but certainly key to the hotel group's success. Spanning across the globe with a significant presence in Greater China, many in the InterContinental Concierge network share the same value and work ethic as this Concierge legend—Louis Baleros.

After serving InterContinental Hong Kong for more than two decades, the hotel’s Chief Concierge Louis Baleros turned 60 on August 28, 2017. Coming from a distinguished family of hoteliers, he enjoys the sense of accomplishment from serving hotel guests.  


Photo: Courtesy of InterContinental Hong Kong

Like Father, Like Son

Following his father’s footsteps, Baleros began his hotel career at The Peninsula as a receptionist in 1975. At the time, the Baleros “clan” held the front desk together as his father was the reception manager at The Peninsula while several of his siblings and relatives also worked at the hotel.

After leaving The Peninsula, Baleros worked as the Chief Concierge at a couple prestigious hotels until he joined InterContinental Hong Kong as Chief Concierge in May 1995. He always sustains his work ethic with a simple belief: “Come to work, not just to work, but to enjoy interacting with our guests”.

A Baleros Tale

Having been in the Concierge business for more than three decades, Baleros shared some of the interesting stories from his 22 years at InterContinental Hong Kong:



Playing Cupid

Once a guest asked Baleros to arrange a dinner date on Valentine’s Day as the guest had met a lady during his trip and he was too shy to ask her out. So Baleros sent flowers, arranged the invitation, booked the restaurant, and Rolls Royce limousine service. Eventually, the couple started dating and got married. Baleros even served as the Best Man in their wedding.



Mission Impossible

A guest realised that she had bought two left shoes from one of the many shoe shops at a nearby shopping mall. Having no receipts, the guest could not recall the name of the shop. Baleros never shied away from challenges, he ended up managing to track down the shop and the missing right shoe.



Bamboo City

Impressed by the bamboo scaffolding techniques used frequently in Hong Kong, a guest asked Baleros to help him purchase and ship enough bamboo to fence his Texas ranch.



Going The Extra Mile

In a Lunar New Year’s Eve evening, a VIP guest from the Middle East requested a private after-hours shopping session at one of the city’s most popular electronic stores. Given shops were all closed so that employees could attend family gatherings to celebrate the very occasion, Belaros still managed to persuade the shop to stay open for the VIP guest.


Photo: Courtesy of InterContinental Hong Kong

Global Concierge Network

Baleros is only one of the many InterContinental concierge who devote their lives to provide premium services to every InterContinental Hotel in the world. Housing Asia's most spectacular Presidential Suite, InterContinental Hotels Group is one of the international hotel groups that provides the best Concierge service.

The 24-hour Concierge at every InterContinental Hotel can provide expert advice and arrange a variety of authentic local experiences. From a private dim sum class or feng shui tour of the city's most significant architecture designs to a junk trip on Victoria Harbour, the InterContinental Concierge network works hard to make sure every guest has a pleasant stay no matter where they are in the world. 

If you happen to see Baleros when you visit InterContinental Hong Kong, wish him a happy birthday. Learn more about his story through this video: