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Arts Collect Them All: An Exhibition By The "Godfather Of Toy Figures"

Collect Them All: An Exhibition By The "Godfather Of Toy Figures"

Collect Them All: An Exhibition By The "Godfather Of Toy Figures"
By Hong Kong Tatler
March 30, 2018
Christie's Hong Kong is set to showcase an unconventional body of work by local artist, Michael Lau

All work and no play? Not for Michael Lau. The Hong Kong artist is collaborating with Christie’s Hong Kong to present an unusual exhibition that explores the concept of “All Art Are Toys, All Toys Are Art”. 

Lau has been known as the “Godfather of Toy Figures” since the 90s, when he pioneered the trend of collectable vinyl toys inspired by street culture. For this, he was prominently featured in Forbes' “20 Trends Sweeping the Globe” article published in January 2008. 


Michael Lau (Photo: Courtesy of Christie's)
Michael Lau (Photo: Courtesy of Christie's)

“This collection of works is deeply personal to me, resonating with the fond memories and personal emotions I have accumulated throughout my life. When conceptualising this exhibition, I wanted to move away from the tradition of framed works hanging on blank walls, but instead have my works displayed almost in a home-like setting," says Lau.

"It is my belief that every work of art is like a collector’s toy, and that every passionate individual is driven to keep acquiring until they have built their dream collection.”

Titled Collect Them All, the exhibition will showcase over 40 graphic and three-dimensional works across a dynamic range of media. All artworks will be up for sale, including paintings—Salvator Michael, Lau's rendition of Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi, being one of them—and a collection of vinyl figurines. 

Salvator Michael (2018), acrylic on canvas (Photo: Courtesy of Christie's)
Salvator Michael (2018), acrylic on canvas (Photo: Courtesy of Christie's)

“Michael is a one-of-a-kind artist whose experience of growing up in Hong Kong gave him a completely unique perspective on art,” says Marcello Kwan, Vice President of Christie’s Asia’s Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art Department. “We hope Michael’s innovative art forms will challenge viewers’ accepted conventions through the disruptive, even provocative dialogues his works create.”

Collect Them All will be on at Christie’s Hong Kong, 22nd Floor, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central, from April 10 until April 27. Find out more at

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