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Wellness Shape Up: 7 Most Challenging Workouts In Hong Kong

Shape Up: 7 Most Challenging Workouts In Hong Kong

Shape Up: 7 Most Challenging Workouts In Hong Kong
By Pearl Yan
June 19, 2019
Can you handle these fitness challenges?

If you warm up with pull-ups and consider a three-mile run a recovery on your rest days, then we’re assuming you’re not the type to shy away from a challenge.

Throwing in an ultra-tough workout every week or month is a great way you test your athletic ability and mental strength, so if you’re ready to add a bit of crazy to your fitness routine, here are seven workouts that challenge even the fittest of the fit. 

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1/7 Bear Camp

Photo: Courtesy of Ursus Fitness
Photo: Courtesy of Ursus Fitness

Where: Ursus Fitness

Deemed Ursus Fitness’ “most popular and biggest bang for ya buck class”, Bear Camp is no joke regardless of your fitness level. The 60-minute HIIT-style circuit class incorporates functional strongman equipment including tractor tyres, sledgehammers, log bars and beer kegs.

Be prepared for the challenge as your endurance and strength will be put to the test in this intense workout. We recommend checking out their new Fortress Hill location for a good sweat. 

Ursus Fitness, Shop B, G/F, 5-13 Fortress Hill Road, Fortress Hill, +852 2104 2398;
Units 2-4, GF, 64-68 Pok Fu Lam Road, Sai Ying Pun, +852 2803 2774,

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2/7 Train Like An Athlete

Photo: Courtesy of Train Like An Athlete
Photo: Courtesy of Train Like An Athlete

Where: Optimum Performance Studio

Do your workouts feel like a chore to you? Switch it up with Train Like An Athlete, a high-intensity class designed to challenge your body through play. If bodyweight exercises are too easy for you, this workout will give you an extra push with exercises involving equipment such as kettlebells, ViPR, TRX, battling ropes, Bulgarian bags and more.

Optimum Performance Studio, 2/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, +852 2868 5170,

3/7 NINE Stations N'S

Photo: Courtesy of Club Nine
Photo: Courtesy of Club Nine

Where: Club Nine

The newest boutique fitness studio in town offers a multi-functional fitness class featuring a variety of training methods to work a variety of muscles during the workout.

With a focus on improving coordination, strength and endurance, this programme combines functional, circuit and interval training that's open to all fitness levels and effective in shredding major calories.

Club Nine, G/F, Shop 12, 4-8 North Street, Kennedy Town, +852 9299 9699,

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4/7 Warrior Bootcamp

Photo: Courtesy of Goji Elite
Photo: Courtesy of Goji Elite

Where: Goji Elite

Not for the faint of heart, this 60-minute bootcamp promises total body conditioning that will burn some serious calories. You’ll perform strength training work with dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells combined with conditioning and cardio-blasting exercises that will make you sweat buckets. 

Goji Elite, 1/F, Hong Kong Plaza, 188 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun, +852 2838 3878,

5/7 Pipeline: Stability & Core Focus

Photo: Courtesy of F45
Photo: Courtesy of F45

Where: F45

Want to get the core strength and balance of a surfer? Inspired by one of the most functional sports on the planet, the Pipeline is designed to max you out with nine waves of workout and zero rest during the entire 45 minutes.

Each session is said to burn over 850 calories and you’ll see visible results such as improved posture, balance, lateral movement, core activation and cardiovascular endurance.

F45, multiple locations,

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6/7 MetCon

Photo: Courtesy of Ozone Fitness
Photo: Courtesy of Ozone Fitness

Where: Ozone Fitness

For a fast-paced, total body workout, this Metabolic Conditioning class focuses on small group training in a short period of time that challenges your physical and mental strength.

The workouts are split into strength and conditioning to put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat. You'll be crawling after the class, but the pain will be worth the pay-off. 

Ozone Fitness, UG/F, Hang Tak Building, 1 Electric Street, Wan Chai, +852 3590 8500,

7/7 HIIT 60

Photo: Courtesy of Orangetheory
Photo: Courtesy of Orangetheory

Where: Orangetheory

Aimed to produce 12 minutes or more of intensities at 84% or higher of maximum heart rate, the one-hour workout is is tracked by the OTbeat heart rate monitors to show real-time results.

Alternating between cardio-based exercises with strength training, the programme is designed to increase metabolic rate for up to 36 hours after the session.

Orangetheory, 23/F, 1 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, +852 5597 7296,

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