Mount Kelly Opens City Campus In Hung Hom


May 12, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

A superb British education and a “through-train” school from infancy to graduation

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Mock-up of school exterior (Photo: Courtesy of Mount Kelly School Hong Kong)

In September, Mount Kelly School Hong Kong (MKSHK) will open its city campus in Hung Hom. The Hong Kong branch of the British day and boarding school Mount Kelly, with its 140 years of history, is the first stand-alone British prep school in the city to both offer the National Curriculum of England and prepare students for the Common Entrance set of examinations that are accepted by top UK independent schools and universities around the world.

Officially endorsed

The curriculum has been endorsed by the UK Department of Education via the Secretary of State for Education. And with the inauguration of Mount Kelly Playgroup in March 2017, students can make a seamless transition by attending the same school from infancy to the age of 18.

“Current demand from educationally informed parents for their children to attend the playgroups has been overwhelming,” says Peter Kenny, director and governor of MKSHK.

“Our head of Mount Kelly Playgroup, Abigail Carr, is a highly experienced childhood leader who is British-trained and has leadership experience in both England and Hong Kong.”

Empowering parents

Mount Kelly Playgroup’s new, specialised child development classes focus on holistic development milestones for children aged six months to three years, with a strong emphasis on empowering parents to interact with their children.

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A playroom at Mount Kelly (Photo: Courtesy of Mount Kelly School Hong Kong)

The age-appropriate activities feature specific programmes designed to help children learn by fostering their natural curiosity. These toddlers will then have priority admission when they move on to Mount Kelly International Preschool (nursery and reception), which is slated to open at a new state-of-the-art site, also in Tsim Sha Tsui, this September.

A smooth transition

Upon finishing preschool, students will again have priority admission to the preparatory MKSHK when classes commence at the start of the school year at its city campus in Hung Hom Bay. This will parallel the larger main campus at the Tuen Mun site, which is due to be completed in September 2018.

An additional step in this unified transition is that Year 8 graduates from MKSHK will be offered guaranteed placement at Mount Kelly in the UK, should they wish to continue their education abroad. This assured path from early childhood to the UK sister school is a first in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the seamless transition between the schools, problems that might occur due to transfers from school to school are mitigated if not eliminated, so that students should be less apprehensive and find it easier to adapt.

Attentive environment

Small class sizes, with an average of just 18 pupils per class, encourage plenty of individual interaction and engagement between teachers and students. This also means that children’s progress through the school can be easily tracked— teachers will be able to identify and appreciate each student as they get to know them well, allowing for excellent pastoral care.


Video: Courtesy of Mount Kelly School Hong Kong

“I am so pleased that we can now offer a Mount Kelly experience to children from six months to pre-university,” says Kenny. “It is an exciting development for our team and the families in Hong Kong.” He adds that at MKSHK, parents can rest assured that their children will benefit from a shared educational ethos that supports children from their earliest years until they graduate, encouraging confidence, creativity and a community service mindset.

“Mount Kelly offers a truly premium British education in Hong Kong, preparing children for the British Common Entrance exams while benefiting them with an all-round education and plentiful extracurricular activities,” says Kenny.

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