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Arts 10 New Books You Should Read In March 2021

10 New Books You Should Read In March 2021

10 New Books You Should Read In March 2021
Here are the best new book releases to get your hands on this month
By Jianne Soriano
By Jianne Soriano
March 03, 2021
From tales about family, romance comedies to historical fiction, we're listing the best new books coming out in March

Need a break from Netflix? Pick up a book instead! If you've already exhausted all the new books that came out in February, you'll be pleased to know that March has plenty of new interesting reads in store.

Whether you're looking for a family drama, a slice of romance or a historical fiction follow-up to Bridgerton, there's something for you to be excited about. We're breaking down the best new books coming out in March that you should pick up.

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1/10 Becoming by Michelle Obama

While Michelle Obama's Becoming was first released in 2018, it will be released in paperback version this month. The book is a memoir of the former First Lady's roots, how she found her voice as well as her time in the White House both as First Lady and as a mother. A new introduction by Obama together with a special version for younger readers will also be part of the paperback release.

Release date: March 2

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2/10 Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

Klara and the Sun is Ishiguro's first book since winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. With this stunning new novel, the Nobel laureate asks, "what does it mean to love"? Exploring the answer to this is Klara, an "artificial friend" gifted with outstanding qualities. She aimlessly waits for customers in the shop to buy her. When the chance finally happens, Klara finds out about the dangers of relying on the promises of humans.

This thrilling story packed with world-building promises tenderness, just as you might expect from Ishiguro.

Release date: March 2

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3/10 Infinite Country by Patricia Engel

Internationally acclaimed author Patricia Engel, channels her experience as a dual citizen and daughter of Colombian immigrants with her latest novel, Infinite Country. The powerful novel tells the story of Talia, who is being held at a correctional facility for adolescent girls in Colombia after committing an impulsive act. Talia is set to travel to the US, where her father is waiting for her and if she misses the chance, she might never reunite with them.

A tale rich with life in Bogota, filled in Andean myth and reflecting the reality of undocumented life in America, Infinite Country is a knockout novel about family, dreams and triumph.

Release date: March 2

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4/10 My Year Abroad by Chang-Rae Lee

From the award-winning author of Native Speaker and On Such a Full Sea, comes a new novel exploring the effects of cultural immersion. My Year Abroad follows the adventure of an American college student, Tiller and Chinese-American entrepreneur Pong who takes Tiller under his wing.

Upon their travels to Asia, the two discover what it means to be a young American in Asia and a Chinese man in America. Filled with rich commentary on Western attitudes, Eastern stereotypes, mental health, parenthood, capitalism and more, My Year Abroad is a testament to Pulitzer Prize finalist, Chang-rae Lee's mastery as a storyteller. Originally published a month earlier, a new paperback edition is releasing this month.

Release date: March 2

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5/10 What's Mine and Yours by Naima Coster

Naima Coster's What's Mine and Yours is a sweeping novel about legacy, identity and the American family. This dramatic novel dives into the long-lasting consequences of crime and the effects of school integration. It's also about the fear of failure and the power of a parent's love and dedication—all while living the American dream.

The novel follows two young students, Gee, a young black man and Noelle, a biracial girl and their overly ambitious and protective mothers who want nothing but to see their children inherit a better life even if it means making choices that will come back to haunt the two families later.

Release date: March 2

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6/10 Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

The much-anticipated follow-up novel from award-winning author, Yaa Gyasi is here. Transcendent Kingdom follows Gifty as she deals with the consequences of her father and brother's drug use. With the family torn apart, Gifty's dreams seem further and further away. To understand the addiction that her family fell into, she turns to science for answers. She soon realises that it's not as easy as it seems.

Get your tissues ready. The novel is a powerful story about family, loss and belonging.

Release date: March 3

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7/10 The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

Still not over from Bridgerton? Kate Quinn's The Rose Code might be the cure. This enthralling novel is set in 1940's London about three women who were once as close as sisters but have been torn apart by betrayal and misunderstanding. But with the country's fate hanging in the balance, Osla, Mab and Beth must reunite and work together to solve one last puzzle.

Release date: March 9

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8/10 Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

This queer young adult rom-com from Sophie Gonzales is a mix of Sex Education and To All The Boys I've Loved Before. It follows a bisexual girl, Darcy Phillips who gives advice and solution to any relationship woes for a fee. But when the new hottie at school, Alexander Brougham, winds up catching Darcy during her side-hustle, he blackmails her into helping him win his ex-girlfriend back—in exchange for keeping her secret.

While Darcy is an expert in giving love advice, her status in the love department isn't so good. Read on to find how she discovers love, for the most unlikely person.

Release date: March 9

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9/10 The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Fake relationships, pseudo-dating, where have we seen that before? This storyline has proved to be a massive success in other books such as Bridgerton and To All The Boys I've Loved Before which were also both adapted to screen. Sara Desai's The Dating Plan joins in the bunch. The lead character, Daisy Patel is more of a plan-your-future type of girl who prefers lists and logic over boyfriends.

With a future already planned out, she's the least bit interested in love. But as her family encourages her to marry, Daisy tasks her childhood crush, Liam to play her pretend fiancé. And you can guess what happens from there. The Dating Plan is set to be another fun take on the will-they-won't-they romance.

Release date: March 16

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10/10 Double Blind by Edward St Aubyn

The internationally acclaimed author of the Patrick Melrose novels, Edward St Aubyn, is back with Double Blind. The story is set during a year of change and transformation of three young friends. Switching between London, Cap d'Antibes, Big Sur and Sussex, the main character, Olivia meets a new partner, Francis just as she's welcoming her friend, Lucy from New York.

The three become close eventually testing their friendship and who will remain the same after all the tribulations, adventures and choices they make.

Release date: March 18

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