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Cars The New McLaren Elva Honors Rich History Of Grand Prix

The New McLaren Elva Honors Rich History Of Grand Prix

The New McLaren Elva Honors Rich History Of Grand Prix
Photo: Courtesy of McLaren
By Kaitlyn McInnis
March 16, 2020
The limited-edition 804 hp roadster was inspired by the Bruce McLaren-designed Elva M1A race car

McLaren’s special ops team (McLaren Special Operations) has just released an updated edition of its US$1.6 million hypercar. The limited-edition Elva was designed to be an even more exclusive version of the original roadster.

The newest Elva was inspired by Bruce McLaren’s superlight M1A and was created to honor the manufacturer’s rich racing history while highlighting the brand’s modern innovations and design.

“Bruce McLaren’s superlight M1A was the fastest car on track at the Canadian Sports Car Grand Prix in 1964, repeatedly smashing the lap record at Mosport Park,” McLaren tweeted. “This is that car reimagined for 2020 – the Elva M1A Theme by MSO.”

In terms of aesthetics, the windowless roadster sports a retro black livery, silver accents, red pinstripes across the front bumper and rocker panels, and #4 racing designation (a further nod to Bruce McLaren).

Despite its nod to the past, the McLaren boasts a handful of modern innovations: not only is it the lightest McLaren road car to exist, it also has a bespoke carbon-fiber body and chassis, and can hit 60mph in less than three seconds—thanks to its twin-turbo V-8.

“Our mission with the McLaren Elva was to create an open-cockpit, two-seat roadster that delivers the most elemental of driving experiences,” said Rob Melville, Design Director, McLaren Automotive said in an earlier press release.

“Formula 1-inspired shrink-wrapped volumes create a technical sculpture that is as striking as it is remarkable, the exterior flowing into the interior in a stunning example of a new and unique McLaren ‘blurred boundaries’ design principle that has allowed us to seamlessly bring the outside in, to further enhance driver engagement while remaining true to our philosophy of making no compromises.”

McLaren has yet to confirm whether or not the Elva M1A is just a showcase design, but should it become available to the public, it will be priced north of the original Elva—which currently runs for a cool US$1,690,000 base price.

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