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Arts Pearl Lam Galleries Arrives at The Expo Chicago

Pearl Lam Galleries Arrives at The Expo Chicago

Pearl Lam Galleries Arrives at The Expo Chicago
By Joanna Lam
August 25, 2015

The Hong Kong gallery sheds light upon cultural identities and explores traditional aesthetics through its unique artwork collection at the exhibition 

The critically acclaimed Pearl Lam Galleries will debut at Expo Chicago in September 2015. This exhibition marks the gallery’s first presentation at an art fair in the United States.

Intended to stimulate cross-cultural dialogue on modern art between east and west, the gallery will exhibit works by 18 artists from different regions ranging from Hong Kong, Tibet, Britain to Italian.

Paying tribute to his Puerto Rican background, prominent Chicago-based artist Carlos Rolón/Dzine shows off his iconic multimedia studies of conspicuous consumption and urban artefacts. The artwork is a mosaic mirror inspired by one from the artist’s childhood home, which was transformed with unique touches of the exotic colours, textures and patterns of the Puerto Rican culture.

Created specially for the fair, Tibetan-born British artist Gonkar Gyatso translates his experience and fuses different cultures and traditions into his new work 13.472 Prayers. By using Tibetan alphabet characters, Gyatso explores the world of spirituality and mindfulness through the play of form and aesthetics.

One of the highlights at the gallery’s stand, oil on canvas work Brilliant by renowned Chinese artist Zhu Jinshi recreates traditional Chinese aesthetics with a 21st century twist. The art piece incorporates a series of “mind images” that underline the harmony between mankind and the natural world.

For more information about the Expo Chicago please click here.


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