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Arts Pianist Rosey Chan: Preparing for ArtHK

Pianist Rosey Chan: Preparing for ArtHK

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June 03, 2010
Her name may be linked to heavyweights like Sting and Mike Figgis, but internationally renowned pianist Rosey Chan proves to be all talent as she is invited to perform at ArtHK’s opening night. We follow her as she preps for her performance


The last time Rosey Chan was in town was for Hong Kong debut performance for Mike Figgis' photo exhibition.

This time, Chan is back in town and exploring new routes. We catch Chan as she attends ArtHK 2010 to display an art installation and perform at the vernissage, "I'm trained as a classical pianist but I want to move away from the conventional classical style and explore other genres now." she says.

Having been brought up in London with a family from Beijing and Hong Kong, she trained in classical music thanks to encouragement from her grandmother. She has since risen to fame performing in Festival of the Hamptons In NYC and and IMG Festival in Italy.

This year, she debuts a new CD that is produced by none other than Sting - who first heard Chan perform at an impromptu performance over dinner and was so impressed that he lent his Italian studio for the recording of her latest album

In an unusual turn of events, her art installation projects music and imagery, exploring her own life in the past, present and future: "I had to go through so many old archives to understand, and from there, I learnt a lot about my family," says Chan.

Another thing we noted was her distinct love for sculptural fashion designs, both seen in her choice of attire on the day of the interview and from her CD cover. And with that in mind, we follow her to Barney Cheng's studio as she chooses her performance outfit.

Plus: we bring you Rosey Chan's performance at the vernissage and we speak to her about performing nerves, her career and how she met Sting.


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