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Cars Say #HelloEvoque: Introducing Range Rover's Most Luxurious Compact Smart SUV

Say #HelloEvoque: Introducing Range Rover's Most Luxurious Compact Smart SUV

Say #HelloEvoque: Introducing Range Rover's Most Luxurious Compact Smart SUV
Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover
By Hong Kong Tatler
August 07, 2019
Land Rover Focus
The new Range Rover Evoque takes the SUV to new levels of luxury

With a fresh technology boost and cutting architectural lines, as well as an interior stacked with luxury mod cons, the new Range Rover Evoque has roared on in to Hong Kong.

And nine years since Land Rover made the debut, it’s the smartest, most luxurious compact SUV ever.

Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover
Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover

Witness the evolution

First launched in 2010, the new Range Rover Evoque builds on the original’s popular design, serving up a sophisticated evolution of the SUV’s coupé-esque shape.

Still with its distinctive slant roofline and rising waist, the new model carries a broad shoulder and 20-inch wheels, sat over a 4.37m footprint.

Getting down to the details, designer features include Premium LED headlamps, for both front and back, gleaming like jewels when lit up at night. Flush door handles smooth out the sculpted aesthetic, as directional indicators sweep each side. Drivers can even opt for burnished copper accents for a metallic finish to their vehicle.

The architecture has also been developed for electrification, as a 48-volt mild-hybrid—a first for Land Rover—which harvests energy normally lost during deceleration and storing it in the under-floor battery.

At speeds below 17km/h, the engine will shut off while the driver applies the brakes. When pulling away, the stored energy is redeployed to assist the engine under acceleration and reduce fuel consumption. The result is a refined, quiet and efficient drive in built-up traffic-heavy areas, in addition to efficiency savings.

Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover
Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover

Ride the revolution

In true Land Rover style, the compact SUV combines all-terrain capability with all-weather assurance. The suspension system and adaptive dynamics technology deliver not only improved refinement and stability in all conditions, but provide agile handling.

The car’s Innovative Terrain Response 2 technology adds to the driving experience. The technology was first launched on the full-size Range Rover, and automatically detects the surface being driven on, and adapts accordingly. Now you can zip through the urban jungle and manoeuvre any rugged landscape on a weekend escape.

World-class tech

The new Range Rover Evoque is the first in the world to feature ‘Ground View’ technology, which effectively makes the bonnet invisible.

The tech feature projects camera imagery onto the upper touchscreen to show the driver a 180-degree view under the front of the vehicle, making it easy to park, navigate tight places and visualise tough terrain.

The vehicle also boasts a ClearSight rear-view mirror that transforms into an HD video screen. Drivers simply flick a switch on the underside of the mirror and a camera feed from the top of the car displays what is behind the vehicle in crisp high definition eliminating reversing difficulties.

Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover
Photo: Courtesy of Land Rover

Absolute luxury throughout

Sitting inside, the car is modern, minimal and uber-Zen. Occupants will note the interior’s technical textiles, made up of Kvadrat wool blend and luxurious suedecloth, as well as fresh eucalyptus options, promoting natural fibre alternatives to leather.

As for mod cons, the vehicles houses a twin touchscreen Touch Pro Duo system built with faster software, as well as 16-way seat controls and cabin air ionisation. Lastly, Landrover never forsakes its rear passengers. The new model offers more knee-room than before—some 20mm, thanks to a longer wheelbase—in the back. And the vehicle’s 10% extra luggage space means more trips away, and makes for the perfect daily drive when carting pram or golf clubs en route to your next game.

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