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Arts The Scariest Asian Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

The Scariest Asian Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

The Scariest Asian Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween
By Hong Kong Tatler
October 24, 2019
It's no question that some of the scariest cinematic masterpieces were made right here in Asia. So if you're a glutton for ghosts and gore, be sure to check out these Asian horror movies

Ringu (Ring), Japan


The original, Japanese version of Ringu—or Ring—is sheer, raw horror and if you were a child of the early 2000's, it probably continues to haunt you until this day. 

Adapted from a novel based on a Japanese legend known as Banchō Sarayashiki, The Ring is the story of a cursed videotape that kills anyone who watches it exactly one week after viewing. The film follows reporter Reiko Asakawa as she investigates these terrifying and mysterious deaths, while trying to save her loved ones from its fatal curse.  

Ju-on: The Grudge, Japan


The creepy apparition of a little boy, a creaky haunted house and the devastatingly scary ghost of a scorned woman—on paper, it sounds like a cookie cutter formula for a horror movie. But there's something brilliant and nuanced about Japanese director Takashi Shimizu's film, Ju-On

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Dark Water, Japan


Newly divorced Yoshimi Matsubara is forced to move into a grim, old apartment with her daughter. Soon, she notices a dark spot on the ceiling where water appears to be leaking through—as this happens, strange things start to occur, including unsettling visions of a ghostly little girl who seems to be drawing the mother-son duo toward the supernatural.

Dark Water was directed by Ring's Hideo Nakata. 

The Audition, Japan


The Audition is the ultimate psychological thriller, juxtaposing artistically beautiful cinematography with a dark and disturbing plot. It tells the story of a widower whose son encourages him to find a new wife. He decides to do so by setting up a casting call to choose his next partner, which turns out to be a bad, bloody mistake. 



This epic Japanese horror follows the filming of a movie that's based true events, about a father who murdered his family and everyone else at a hotel and filmed the entire ordeal. That was 20 years ago and now, a movie is being shot at the infamous hotel and sure enough, all hell breaks loose. 

Directed by Takashi Shimizu of Ju-on fame, this 2005 movie has the same eerie, suspenseful qualities of his earlier works that keep horror fanatics thirsty for more. 

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A Tale Of Two Sisters, South Korea


In this psychological thriller, a girl returns home to her father, sister and her deeply unhinged stepmother after spending time in an asylum—but to say any more about it would be to take away from the ingenious ride of clever twists and turns that this film takes its viewers on.

A Tale of Two Sisters takes its time in getting the ball rolling, but once you get a grip of what's really going on, it's all mind-bending, spine-tingling thrills from there. The film was later remade in America as The Uninvited

Train to Busan, South Korea


Right in the throes of a zombie outbreak, Gong Yoo and his estranged daughter become trapped on a speeding train to Busan—the only city left in the country where they'll be safe. But getting there is no picnic, as they soon find out that there are infected passengers on the train, and the on-board zombie army begins to multiply at an alarming rate.

Train to Busan is a stunning thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. 

The Eye, Hong Kong/Singapore


You've probably heard of or seen the Hollywood remake starring Jessica Alba, but as far as fear factor goes, it doesn't come close to the 2002 original. 

After being blind for 18 years, violinist Wong Kar Mun receives a corneal transplant which allows her to see again. She's overjoyed, but not for long, as she begins seeing horrifying premonitions of death and disaster. Desperate to find out what's happening to her, Wong travels to Thailand and tracks down her donor, only to discover a dark and gruesome truth. 

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Dumplings, Hong Kong


How far would you go to drink (or eat) from the fountain of youth? A wealthy woman finds out that her husband is having an affair with a younger woman, so she takes drastic measures to become beautiful and look younger—if you haven't already guessed from the title, it involves eating dumplings filled with a very unsavoury ingredient. 

Shutter, Thailand


The saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words" takes on new meaning in this cult classic. After fleeing from a tragic accident, a photographer named Thun and his girlfriend Jane begin to see strange figures in the photographs that they take—soon enough, terror ensues beyond the frame.

Shutter was such a hit that there aren't just one, but three remakes; an American remake of the same name, and two from India (2007's Sivi and 2010's Click).

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