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Travel SpaceX Reveals Its Plan To Take Passengers To Mars In The Starship User Manual

SpaceX Reveals Its Plan To Take Passengers To Mars In The Starship User Manual

SpaceX Reveals Its Plan To Take Passengers To Mars In The Starship User Manual
Photo: Getty Images
By Kaitlyn McInnis
April 01, 2020
The Starship spacecraft users’ guide details exactly how it plans to take travellers to the low Earth orbit, the moon, and even Mars

Adventurous travellers looking for an otherworldly experience have a whole new travel guide to read as SpaceX reveals a user manual for its massive Starship spacecraft.

The reusable spaceship is designed to be a flexible transportation system that will be capable of transporting both people and materials to a wide variety of destinations—including Mars.

The Starship project, which is currently underway in Boca Chica Texas, “represents a fully reusable transportation system designed to service Earth orbit needs as well as missions to the Moon and Mars,” according to the SpaceX website. 

The new user manual was released to help give the public a better idea of the Starship’s possible capabilities—which includes details on the spacecraft and rocket booster like its ability to carry payloads and passengers alike.

According to the manual, the Starship will be able to take passengers into low Earth orbit (LEO), to the moon and possibly to Mars—all without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

“SpaceX was founded with the goal of making life multiplanetary,” the company said in the manual. “The Starship crew configuration can transport up to 100 people from Earth into LEO and on to the Moon and Mars, [including] private cabins, large common areas, centralized storage, solar storm shelters and a viewing gallery.”

The manual also suggests that the spacecraft will be able to travel between spaceports by climbing to the edge of space before descending to the next destination, which will make it the fastest-ever travel between distant points on Earth.

For performance estimates to a specific orbit, including the moon or Mars, or to conceptualize new ideas, SpaceX is encouraging travelers to contact

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