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Travel This Futuristic Superyacht Concept Is Controlled Entirely By Your Smartphone

This Futuristic Superyacht Concept Is Controlled Entirely By Your Smartphone

This Futuristic Superyacht Concept Is Controlled Entirely By Your Smartphone
Now you can control your yacht with your smartphone. (Photo: Courtesy of Max Zhivov)
By Kaitlyn McInnis
January 15, 2021
The 85-foot superyacht, known as the Drakkar S, will make sailing in luxury a whole lot easier

Dreaming about hitting the high seas but not exactly confident in your sailing ability? There may be a way to skirt around that technical snag. Yacht design studio Max Zhivov has just unveiled a self-driving yacht concept that takes the helm out of your hands and into your smartphone.

According to Robb Report, the futuristic superyacht concept, known as Drakkar S, will be able to sail itself and will  be controlled entirely by your smartphone—meaning that even the clumsiest of sailors will be able to navigate the high seas with ease and precision.

The inventive 85-foot yacht was conceptualised and designed by the Russian-based yacht design studio with the idea being to get more amateur sailors on the sea—both safely and efficiently.

“We are a small team of designers in love with the sea,” Max Zhivov said on its website. “Our main goal is development of innovative green technologies in yacht design.”

Photo: Courtesy of Max Zhivov
Photo: Courtesy of Max Zhivov

As such, the design studio’s latest project has been fitted with a state-of-the-art electric motor and an eye-popping 861 square feet of solar panels that would enable the Drakkar S to be whisper-quiet on the sea while offering a totally emissions-free sailing experience.

While the market has begun seeing more and more yachts designed with green energy and sustainability in mind, the Drakkar S sets itself apart thanks to its ambitious high-tech autopilot system. The concept will come equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technology to help pretty much anyone navigate the waters with precision.

According to Robb Report, the studio is confident that the yacht will be able to approach a berth at the right distance for mooring and will even be able to identify surfaces and underwater obstacles by itself—meaning there really will be no need for a captain.

While there is no set date or official plan for production as of yet, for more information or to follow the variety of other Max Zhivov yacht projects, be sure to visit the studio’s official website.

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