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Arts "Lupin" Part 2 Sneak Peek: What You Need To Know

"Lupin" Part 2 Sneak Peek: What You Need To Know

Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix
Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
June 07, 2021
Your eyes aren't deceiving you: Lupin is back for a second season on Netflix. Get the lowdown on what to expect from the second outing of the Paris-set crime detective drama. Warning: Spoilers Ahead

With its wanderlust-inducing Parisian setting, cast of cool characters, and twisty mystery storylines, Netflix's Lupin had legions of fans gripped when it debuted earlier this year. Just like season one, the follow-up is set to be just as gripping. If like us, you've been waiting with bated breath to discover the outcome of season one's cliffhanger ending, you'll be pleased to hear that season two drops this week. 

Does Assane manage to rescue his son? Will he finally avenge his past with Hubert Pellegrin and get justice for Fabienne (arguably season one's most badass character)? And what will happen with the very real love triangle that's simmering beneath the surface of the show? Guess we'll have to watch season two (which debuts on Netflix on June 11) to find out. 

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Photo: Netflix
Lupin Part 1, episode 5. | Photo: Netflix

With the police on his tail, Assane Diop, a.k.a, Lupin is in a race against time to rescue his son Raoul (Etan Simon), who at the end of season one appeared to have been kidnapped by Hubert Pellegrini's henchman Leonard. 

The chase continues throughout the first episode of Lupin Part 2 and ends with a chilling turning point for both the hero and a cast of new characters––who we'll get to know better as the season unfolds. True to form, expect mystery–– and lots of trickery.

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Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix
Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix

The show lets viewers further into Assane's relationship with the two women who played a significant role in his life; Claire, the mother of Raoul, and Juliette, the daughter of his nemesis, Pellegrini.

Fans of both the show and the original book by Maurice Leblanc are also in for a treat; Guedira, who first put the pieces together about the gentleman thief, finally gets more screentime as we see him interact with Assane, almost as if he's taking on the mantle of Inspector Ganimard from Leblanc's novel.

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Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix
Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix

Behind the tricks and disguises that Lupin slips into is a father who deeply cares for his son.

In the hopes of avenging his late father, Assange continues to hunt down Pelligrini. This time, Assane is immensely motivated after his own family was put at risk. Although he asks for his best friend Benjamin Ferel's (Antoine Gouy) assistance, he also gets help from characters we have yet to learn more about. Together they devise an elaborate and brilliant ploy to finally bring Pellegrini to justice.

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Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix
Lupin Part 2. | Photo courtesy of Netflix

Aside from Pelligrini, the most detestable villain on the show is one that we see off-screen: racism. It aggravates and affects each situation, much as it does in real life, but is well-portrayed in the show.

The message is clear: this vicious force not only affects everyone—Assane and even the other characters—hero or not.

Accompany gentleman thief and master of disguise Lupin for the second time and brace yourself for his next brilliant trick.

Lupin Part 2 premieres on Netflix on 11 June. To know more, visit 


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