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Wellness Tatler's Weekly Horoscope: Week of May 23-29

Tatler's Weekly Horoscope: Week of May 23-29

Tatler's Weekly Horoscope: Week of May 23-29
Everything you can expect for your star sign this week. (Illustration: Chesca Gamboa/ Tatler Asia)
By Tatler Hong Kong
May 23, 2021
Facts may line up with our fantasies later in the week, making us feel as though our dreams are coming true

Welcome back to our weekly astrology series led by Hong Kong-based Western astrologer, De Rui.

Energy is on the move as we enter one of the busier periods of cosmic activity this year. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius highlights themes from the past and what we believe. Quiet reflection is recommended before what could turn out to be a dreamy weekend. 

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Time to reflect

Star signs impacted the most: Gemini and Sagittarius can experience more wholeness. 

The week’s Full Moon lunar eclipse happening on Wednesday evening puts a spotlight on how you learned to make sense of the world in the past. If you are honest, you might find that the people and things you chose to put faith in before are not serving you now. As with any eclipse, be sure to build in some quiet time to reflect and to receive.

Losses are essential for growth

Star signs impacted the most: Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio should expect a fresh take on life. 

From now until October, Saturn moves into a period of retrograde, where it spends roughly a third of every year. Your authority and how much control you wield over what happens in life is getting an upgrade. In the event of any losses or thwarted goals right now, know they are an essential part of your maturing process.

Dreams do come true—if they're reasonable

Star signs impacted the most: Gemini and Pisces can feel greatly uplifted. 

Later in the week, our desires can take on greater power as the facts line up with our fantasies. People might be saying just what you have always wanted to hear. You can enjoy the feeling of having dreams come true if your expectations are reasonable and safety nets are in place.

About Our Astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want more insight and support for love, business and personal growth. De Rui is a member of the British Astrological Association and the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and is a graduate of Harvard College.  

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