The Maserati Quattroporte GTS GranSport Is Elegance In Motion


November 13, 2018 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

The Maserati Quattroporte GTS GranSport’s combination of an engine worthy of a race car and the refined fittings of a luxury sedan makes a fan of Mira Yeh

She’s the vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Ballet Group and is known for her keen fashion sense, but Mira Yeh also loves fast cars and knows her way around a racetrack. “I have tried car racing before,” she says.

“I find Italian cars to be sexy and aggressive in general, but the Maserati Quattroporte GTS GranSport is elegant and refined while still retaining that edge from impressive Italian engines. It has the best of both worlds.”

The Quattroporte GTS GranSport’s 3.8-litre V8 twin-turbo engine certainly has some pull. A classic model that has stood the test of time, the Quattroporte range is now in its sixth generation since the 1963 launch of the brand’s first four-door sport sedan and remains Maserati’s signature luxury sedan—a model renowned for its elegant interiors that epitomises the Italian tradition for quality craftsmanship, while retaining an exterior design that holds its own among other sports cars.

Asked what she most loves about driving it, without hesitation Mira says: “Speed. I love the feeling that you’re flying. Some people choose paragliding or parachuting—those are for an adrenaline rush. Driving, especially for racing, takes a lot of skill. You need to learn about the physics of a car, how it runs, and how it can work for you, and you also need to work on your physique. When I raced, I worked on having a stronger neck to withstand the G-force when you go fast.”

She also enjoys more sedate motoring on ordinary roads. “I just drove along the French Rivera,” she says. “I prefer driving overseas in the States or in Europe because of the scenery and it’s not as crowded. Those are times that I can really explore and experience the car I’m driving.”

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And with the Quattroporte GTS GranSport offering a luxurious, elegant driving experience backed by all the power of a race car, Mira has found a model that matches her personality.

“It’s like me in a way—I’m athletic but I also like things to look good. I like that the car is sporty but has a stately look. I’m my husband’s wife and I love fashion and pretty dresses, but I also want to be my own person. Sometimes I want to just go out there and be active, travelling around the world but still be refined.”

Discover more at or at the Maserati showrooms in Wan Chai (+852 2627 8983) and Kowloon Bay (+852 2627 8986)

Photography: Moses Ng | Styling: Justine Lee | Location: Crown Wine Cellars

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