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Arts The Power of Nature: The Spirit of Place by Claude Monet

The Power of Nature: The Spirit of Place by Claude Monet

The Power of Nature: The Spirit of Place by Claude Monet
By Joanna Lam
April 13, 2016

See how nature is brought to life by the masterful colours and meticulous brushstrokes on Monet’s canvases


Claude Monet "Effect of Spring", Giverny 1890

Photo courtesy of akg-images

Noted for his enchanting depiction of garden scenes and water-lilies through broad strokes of bright shades and intricately layered textures, Claude Monet is no stranger to fans of impressionism.

To pay tribute to the renowned French landscape artist, Le French May 2016 is presenting “The Spirit of Place” by Claude Monet from 4 May to 11 July this year.

Monet fans can trace the artist’s transformation in style through some of his most emblematic paintings, pastels and tapestries featured in the exhibition.

Claude Monet in front of his home in Giverny 1921

Photo courtesy of Musée d'Orsay, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Patrice Schmidt

From his initial style, which draws inspirations from past landscape artists, to a more personal approach, the exhibition sheds light on spirit of landscapes and the ever-changing natural splendor as captured in the French impressionist’s portfolio.

Divided into four sections, the exhibition allows art aficionados to revisit the places that inspired Monet the most through his work. They include Normandy and Brittany; Paris and the Île-de-France region; London and Venice; as well as Giverny, where he created the famous mural-sized paintings depicting water lilies and ponds.

Claude Monet Water Lilies 1907

Photo courtesy of RMN-Grand Palais / Daniel Arnaudet

For those who are intrigued to find out more about Monet’s life and other related topics, the audio-visual and multimedia display onsite as well as presentations will offer you great opportunities in learning more about the artist.

The exhibition also serves as part of the 2016 First Initiative Foundation’s charitable initiative “Monet, Monet”, in which a book launch ceremony and gala dinner will be held on May 10 at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum to celebrate the publication of FIF’s unique educational and interactive book “My Monet”.

Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place
Dates: 4 May to 11 July
Time: Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 10:00am –  6:00am, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00am – 7:00pm, Closed on Tuesdays
Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Thematic Galleries 3, 4 & 5 


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