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Arts The Most Unique Hong Kong Themed Christmas Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Ever Receive

The Most Unique Hong Kong Themed Christmas Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Ever Receive

By Pearl Yan
November 28, 2019
This holiday, impress your friends and family with Hong Kong inspired gifts that will add a piece of the city to the festive celebration

What better way to show our friends and family (abroad or in town) how great Hong Kong is than gifting them something original from the city? From local craft gin to Chinese character neon ceramic tiles, here are the best Hong Kong themed gifts that represent the city in a special way. 

1/7 Hong Kong themed puzzle

Photo: Courtesy of The Lion Rock Press
Photo: Courtesy of The Lion Rock Press

"Bring back an old-school holiday tradition, or start a new one with puzzles—a great way to bring the family together after Christmas dinner. This puzzle by The Lion Rock Press is not only eco-friendly and suitable for all ages, it’s also beautifully designed with illustrations of all things Hong Kong on one side and a macro photograph of Tai O temple wall taken by Eurasian photographer John Alexander, on the other. Once the puzzle is complete, frame and hang your finished work to display your hard work in a piece of art."—Pearl Yan, Digital Projects Editor

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2/7 Local craft gin

Photo: Courtesy of Perfume Tree
Photo: Courtesy of Perfume Tree

"The creative community is flourishing and there are so many independent businesses selling original designs in places such as PMQ, The Mills, and the quarterly crafts fair at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. The local craft gin scene is also growing, with homegrown brands such as Perfume Trees offering a taste of Hong Kong that can’t be replicated elsewhere." —Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Food & Wine

3/7 Traditional Cantonese delicacies

Photo: Courtesy of Dashijie
Photo: Courtesy of Dashijie

"While local produce is widely adopted in fine dining establishments across town, artisanal food crafts are celebrated as part of the intangible heritage of local food culture, including festive treats such as Chinese New Year puddings, Mid-Autumn mooncakes, and Tuen Ng glutinous rice dumplings.

Such food traditions are upheld at Dashijie, a local food purveyor founded by local food gastronome Theresa Yiu. A devoted culinary protégé of Pearl Kong, the legendary master of Cantonese gastronomy, Yiu launched her brand of artisanal products made with premium raw materials and made locally to suit the most discerning palates. While Yiu preserves the traditional means on polishing a taste of tradition compared to more innovative varieties from other purveyors, the Dashijie brand’s products from dried noodles, XO sauces, pickles, and cookies are available at selected purveyors all over Hong Kong." —Wilson Fok, Dining Editor

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4/7 Framed art prints

Photo: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes
Photo: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

"Hong Kong is so photogenic and there are some really talented local photographers who capture it beautifully – from skyscraper shots and cityscapes to scenes of everyday life. Galleries like Bamboo Scenes in Sai Ying Pun, Blue Lotus in Sheung Wan and Lumenvisum in Shek Kip Mei specialise in showcasing works by local photographers. An original, a print or a photography book make for meaningful gifts, and are a great way to support local talent." —Coco Marett, Lifestyle Editor

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5/7 Chinese character ceramic tiles

Photo: Courtesy of Kapok
Photo: Courtesy of Kapok
Photo: Courtesy of Kapok

"A celebration of traditional Chinese characters and neon sign makers in Hong Kong, these ceramic tiles by Hong Kong-based French photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze are statement pieces that will add a touch of Hong Kong to your home. Each individual character was captured from old shop signs, building names and faded advertisements around the city, which became the inspiration behind these neon ceramic tiles. Get creative and purchase a couple to create your own sentence or a Cantonese idiom."—PY

Available at Kapok

6/7 A silhouette of Hong Kong

Photo: Courtesy of Kapok
Photo: Courtesy of Kapok

"Originated in France, The Line has transcribed the silhouettes of more than 40 cities into a line, including our home, Hong Kong. It captures the city in a sleek yet mysterious black line, presented in a wooden box where the iconic landmarks are indicated. Though it’s just a line, it’d stand out against a plain wall when you stick it on." —PY

Available at Kapok

7/7 Dried seafood

Stall with seafood in the streets of the center of Kowloon in Hong Kong. Selective focus
Dried seafood in Hong Kong (Photo: Getty Images)

"If you’re looking for a yummy treat to spoil your beloved friends and family, luscious traditional dried seafood would be a cool gift choice. Pay a visit to Des Voeux Road West in Central, where you’ll find different premium delicacies such as dried scallops, sea cumbers and even abalones!" —Helen Yu, Digital Editorial Assistant

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