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ArtsUrban Renewal at Opera Gallery

Urban Renewal at Opera Gallery

Urban Renewal at Opera Gallery
By Hong Kong Tatler
February 17, 2014

The gallery hosts a dynamic group exhibition focusing on the evolution of urban culture

Beginning March 6 at Opera Gallery, the exhibition titled Urban Renewal will bring together four contemporary new media artists for a social commentary on the evolution of culture in our modern world. Inspired by global initiatives to recycle, renew and reinvest, the group, made up of Seo Young-Deok, Nick Gentry, Yves Krief and Olivier Dassault will present cleverly re-used and discarded objects as pieces of art.

Young South Korean artist Seo Young-Deok produces life-sized and hyper-realistic sculptures of human figures made only with welded chains from bicycles and industrial machinery. British artist Nick Gentry utilises obsolete media, such as floppy disks and film negatives, to produce portraits of different urban characters. French artist Yves Krief creates photomontages to depict the urban landscapes of the future using photographs of existing cityscapes. Lastly, French photographer Olivier Dassault works with old film cameras to create geometric compositions and a labyrinth of illusions of urban architecture.

The exhibition is set to be one of dynamism and intriguing concepts, filling the Opera Gallery space with thought-provoking works of art. Don’t miss it when it hits the shores of Hong Kong early next month.

Urban Renewal with Seo Young-Deok, Nick Gentry, Yves Krief and Olivier Dassault
Date: March 6 to 20, 2014
Venue: Opera Gallery, 52 Wyndham Street, Central


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