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Travel Virgin Galactic Set To Launch Its Latest Space Venture This Month

Virgin Galactic Set To Launch Its Latest Space Venture This Month

Virgin Galactic Set To Launch Its Latest Space Venture This Month
Virgin Galactic will be launching its first spaceflight with SpaceShipTwo from New Mexico (Photo: Getty Images)
By Kaitlyn McInnis
November 12, 2020
The SpaceShipTwo launch will mark the company’s first spaceflight to set off from New Mexico-based Spaceport America

Virgin Galactic has this week announced its plans to launch its SpaceShipTwo flight from Spaceport America in New Mexico this month. The launch will officially take place sometime between November 19 to 23 of this year.

The announcement has also lined up with the space company’s financial report for Q3 2020, which included revenue-generating payloads as part of the NASA flight opportunities program and insight into the consumer space program that Sir Richard Branson has been hinting at since the original spacecraft cabin was revealed earlier this year.

“During the quarter we made good progress completing the final steps to prepare for VSS Unity’s first rocket-powered test flight from Spaceport America this November. This will be the first-ever human spaceflight conducted from New Mexico,” Michael Colglazier, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Galactic said in a press release earlier this week. “We also made meaningful progress on our second SpaceShipTwo vehicle, which we plan to unveil in the first quarter of 2021.”

Despite the 900 or so prospective passengers who had originally signed up for Virgin’s One Small Step program being cancelled, it seems that ticket sales will also resume as soon as 2021.

“During my first three months at the company, I have been continually impressed with the team and the tremendous work that has gone into making the dream of commercial spaceflight a reality,” added Colglazier. “As we continue to prepare for commercial launch, we will reopen ticket sales following Richard Branson’s flight in 2021. I am excited and confident in our ability to execute our vision and provide transformative experiences to people around the world.”

Hoping to book your own ticket for future flights or find out more about Virgin Galactic’s latest space venture? Be sure to check out the official Virgin Galactic website.

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