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Travel Tatler Travels: Where To Go To Disconnect

Tatler Travels: Where To Go To Disconnect

Tatler Travels: Where To Go To Disconnect
By Christian Barlow
July 04, 2017
Destinations our Tatler 500 listers have on their bucket lists

In today's highly connected world where technology reigns supreme, we all just need a break to reconnect with Mother Nature sometimes.

In search of some escapism, we asked a few familiar faces including Esther Ma, Carmen Lee, Sean Lee-Davies and Annabelle Bond where they would go to get away from it all:

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Esther Ma 


Photo: Thinkstock

“I enjoy taking part in triathlons, boxing, squash, golf, skiing, scuba-diving, the list goes on—I’m eager to go trail running on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea before I turn 60. Apparently, the trail was a battlefield in the Second World War. I love the combination of history, culture and nature paired with an extreme physical challenge. It’s definitely on my bucket list!”

celebrity-20170106155226-334.EstherMa_cropped_300x300 copy.jpg-Esther Ma

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Carmen Lee


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“I would have to say Umbria in Italy—better known as the quaint and quieter sister of Tuscany, Umbria has remarkable architecture, a beautiful landscape and outstanding food: think truffles. There’s no place I’d rather be than listening to live jazz while enjoying an alfresco evening in a rustic restaurant in medieval Perugia."

celebrity-20160113174133-CarmenLee_cropped_300x300 copy.jpg-Carmen Lee

Sean Lee-Davies


Photo: Thinkstock

“My next big adventure would have to be a trip to Antarctica: Firstly, because it would be nice to get away from Hong Kong’s heat and humidity. Secondly, I would love to get close to the wildlife and experience their feeding and breeding grounds, gaining insight into their lives in the wild—an experience no zoo or aquarium can ever truly replicate.”

GMVPgWaj copy.jpg-Sean Lee-Davies

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Annabelle Bond


Photo: Thinkstock

“I dream of visiting the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua to experience the incredible diving and to disconnect from all the noise that seems to consume you in a city. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some of the most incredible scenery Mother Nature has to offer—so what’s left on my list is to find a place with no cell signal. It’s a challenge in itself.”

celebrity-20170106154006-8.AnnabelleBond_cropped_300x300 copy.jpg-Annabelle Bond

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