Video: Working Out With Gianni Melwani Of Hybrid Group


October 22, 2018 | BY Erica Fong

We head to Ursus Fitness with Gianni Melwani to try out a Bear Camp class

Video: Kenneth Chan/Hong Kong Tatler

A class called "Bear Camp" might intimidate most people, but Hybrid Group co-founder Gianni Melwani was more than up for the challenge. The Generation T honouree is behind two of Hong Kong's biggest health and fitness events (IRIS and Spartan Race, to name a few) and gladly stepped out of his comfort zone to try the gruelling circuit training class at Ursus Fitness, courtesy of Guavapass

Watch our exclusive video to see what Bear Camp at Ursus Fitness is really like, and why Gianni believes it's important to incorporate something mental into whatever physical activity that you’re doing.

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