Megan's Kitchen・美味廚


Wan Chai


5/F, Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai

T: +852 28668305


Lunch HoursMon to Sun, 12:00 noon - 3:00 pm

Dinner HoursMon to Sun, 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Dress CodeCasual




Accept Credit CardYes


Date of review: May 5, 2016 | Reviewed by: Wilson Fok


Located within a commercial building in Wan Chai, Megan’s Kitchen resembles more a family restaurant than a fine-dining establishment. Guests are greeted and promptly led to their tables, which are evenly spaced within the elongated, mostly-beige dining space. The comfortable booths along one side are ideal for small parties and can be reserved in advance. Ventilation is particularly important for hotpot establishments, and this restaurant delivers on that front.


Guests are offered hotpot and a la carte options, and the former is highly recommended. Starting with the restaurant’s creative soup bases, we recommend the tomato and crab soup in soufflé finish. Its fluffy egg whites floats atop a rich bisque of crab and refreshing tomatoes. Guests can check off a list for hotpot ingredients, which starts with a fine selection of sliced meats.


The local snowflake beef is well marbled and shaved paper-thin, requiring just a swivel in the simmering broth to cook within seconds. The rainbow cuttlefish balls are made from adding vegetable purée into minced cuttlefish to form meatballs. We particularly enjoyed the pumpkin and beetroot ones.

megan003.jpgA la carte selections at Megan’s Kitchen offer more than a few Cantonese staples. Start with the fried diced tofu in salty egg yolk paste, where crisp cubes of tofu deep are fried until golden and tossed in a hot wok with mashed salted egg yolk. The creamy yolk clings on the crusty, battered exterior while the insides are silky smooth.

Braised fish fillet with tofu and barbecued pork pot is a warming classic. The fish fillets — deep fried and braised lightly in a rich sauce — are served hot and bubbling at the table. You can order steamed rice as a side for these a la carte options, but we chose the well-executed pan-fried rice vermicelli with minced beef. The thin crust of rice vermicelli is pan-fried until crispy and topped with a meaty sauce made with minced beef.


Megan’s Kitchen does not offer a proper wine list, only a short page of wine recommendations with few by the glass or half-bottle options. The list also lacks informative pairing information or scores that help with suggesting the right wine for dishes offered. The upside, however, is that the selection covers a wide range of geographic regions, including France, Italy, New Zealand and USA.



The service at Megan’s Kitchen is attentive, though during peak dining hours things can get out of hand. There were mixed orders during high-traffic times. The staff members are familiarised with the offerings and can provide assistance for ordering and portion control, though they are slightly less knowledgeable on wine pairings.

Price   $$$$

A hotpot and a la carte dinner for two amounts to a little less than HK$2,000. The ambiance and wine selection have room for improvement, but the creativity of the kitchen is thoroughly demonstrated through its variety of homemade ingredients and a la carte choices.