Yè Shanghai・夜上海

Restaurant ・ Chinese





Level 3, Pacific Place, Admiralty

2918 9833



Lunch HoursMon to Sun, 11:30am - 3:00 pm

Dinner HoursMon to Sun, 6:00 pm - 12:00 am

Dress CodeSmart casual



Accept Credit CardYes


Located conveniently at Pacific Place mall in Admiralty, Ye Shanghai provides the perfect spot for a tasty and relaxed dinner and friendly gatherings. The restaurant's large windows provide a view of the buzzing streets of Central.As the name suggests, Ye Shanghai offers an array of traditional and renowned Shanghainese dishes. Most famous from this genre of cuisine is perhaps the xiao long bao, or steamed pork dumpling. The restaurant offers a delectable version of this must-have Shanghainese dim sum. The thin skin of the dumplings is filled with a steaming hot, and very juicy, pork filling. Each basket of pork dumplings is served fresh, hot off the steamer, making them simply irresistible. One can easily polish off a basket of four of these tasty morsels. Another must-try at the restaurant are the array of cold starters. As with traditional Shanghainese cuisine, these chilled appitisers, albeit served in small portions, are a big part of the dining experience. Give the tea-leaf smoked egg a try and you will not be disappointed. The egg, with the boiled yolk still creamy, is infused with the fragrance of tea and an aromatic smoky scent. The huadiao wine marinated drunken chicken, another famous Shanghainese offering, is marinated in Chinese wine. The result is a delicious, tender chicken that is laced with light hints of refreshing wine. Some would argue that the most exciting part of the Shanghainese dining experience is the dessert. In the case of Ye Shanghai, this is surely the case. To get the full experience, diner should not pass up the chance to bite into a deep-fried fritter filled with red bean. Fluffy, deep fried egg white of this donut-like pastry is filled with a red bean mix. The light, unsweetened pastry pairs well with the bold red bean filling.The wine list consists of a selection of mid-price reds and whites from a fair selection of regions. Diners can opt to get a taste of Chinese wines to go with the oriental flavours of their meal.The expansive dining hall is always buzzing with diners. Hence, staff can seem neglectful at times but they are trying their best to cater to the needs of each table.Price will vary depending on whether the more expensive dishes are ordered, but should average at about HK$350 per person.