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People 10 Best Boomerangs From The Hong Kong Tatler Ball 2017

10 Best Boomerangs From The Hong Kong Tatler Ball 2017

10 Best Boomerangs From The Hong Kong Tatler Ball 2017
By Claudia Cheung
September 24, 2017

Last night's extravagant event marked the 40th anniversary of Hong Kong Tatler. With cameras and phones flashing all night long, there's bound to be more than a simple photo and video that captures our Tatler friends' best moments.

When you ball this hard, everything is better as a Boomerang, so let's take a look at some of the best clips of the night:

1/10 Eleanor Lam


Eleanor was literally sparkling in Dior on the red carpet.

2/10 Veronica Lam

The newly-engaged Veronica got a loving kiss from the fiancé.

3/10 Emily Lam-Ho


When you've got a dress like Emily's, then you've got to shake it.

4/10 William Zhao

For WIlliam, the night wouldn't be complete without a Macallan in hand.

5/10 Esther Sham

Esther twirled as she showed off her extended ponytail.

6/10 Peter Cheung

Peter was spotted helping out behind the scenes in Grand Hyatt's kitchen in his Versace robe.

7/10 Queenie Rosita Law

Our Promising Young Lady awardee, Queenie showed off her award.

8/10 Group shot

Yenn Wong, Alan Lo, Joyce Tam, Gus Lee and friends took a silly group shot.

9/10 Diana D'Arenberg-Parmanand

Diana rocked it out during her rendition of Shook Me All Night Long.

10/10 Photo booth time

All cover star material, Joyce Tam, Gus Lee, Ivan Pun, Nancy Fung and Dinesh Nihalchand worked their poses in the photo booth.


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