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People 10 Best Tatlergrams of The Week: Christmas 2019 Edition

10 Best Tatlergrams of The Week: Christmas 2019 Edition

10 Best Tatlergrams of The Week: Christmas 2019 Edition
Photo: @xoxofei/Instagram
By Helen Yu
By Helen Yu
December 28, 2019
From enjoying an exciting ski break to spending quality time with family and visiting warm destinations for a sunny Christmas, here's how our Tatler friends celebrated the most wonderful time of the year

1/10 Barney Cheng

Barney Cheng sure knows there's no better way of getting into the festive spirit than hitting the slopes with family in Niseko, Japan.

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2/10 Esther Sham

Fashionista Esther Sham and her family members wore matching red-and-white outfits for a picture-perfect Christmas celebration.

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3/10 Helen Ma

Helen Ma enjoyed the festive season to the fullest with her beloved daughter Shyme and family. 

4/10 Emily Lam-Ho

Wearing Christmas sweaters with their kids to ring in the holidays has long been a tradition for the power couple, Emily and Kent Ho. This year, the family dressed in red and decorated a beautiful Christmas tree together for the special occasion.

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5/10 Bonnae Gokson

Bonnae Gokson reunited with her close friend Vera Wang—the acclaimed fashion designer—and spent a memorable evening together on Christmas Day.

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6/10 Patricia Tung-Gaw

Outdoor enthusiast Patricia Tung-Gaw went on a skiing holiday in style.

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7/10 Yen Kuok

Yen Kuok soaked up the sun at the Wonderfruit Fruit Music Festival in Thailand and enjoyed a wonderful, warm festive break there.

8/10 Feiping Chang

Feiping Chang shared a sweet portrait taken with husband Lincoln and their adorable poodle, Pumpkin, against the backdrop of a beautiful Christmas tree.

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9/10 Kayla Wong

Kayla Wong sent us festive blessings with this adorable family portrait.

10/10 Laura Cheung

Laura Cheung and her husband James Wolf celebrated their baby boy, Enso’s very first Christmas on a high note.

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