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People 10 Best Tatlergrams: Feiping Chang's Trip To Melbourne And More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Feiping Chang's Trip To Melbourne And More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Feiping Chang's Trip To Melbourne And More
Feiping Chang (Photo:@xoxofei/Instagram)
By Helen Yu
By Helen Yu
February 08, 2020
Check out what our Tatler friends have been up to this week:

1/10 Brandon Chau

Man of style Brandon Chau looked absolutely stylish in this winter ensemble.

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2/10 Calvin Wang

Calvin Wang and his close friend Tina Leung braved winter in style with their chic fur coats.

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3/10 Diana D’Arenberg

By simply popping on a black and white lens, Diana D’Arenberg has crafted an artistic self-portrait that gives off delicate vibes.  

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4/10 Thierry Chow

Feng Shui master Thierry Chow showed off her sense of style in a lovely pink feather top from Valentino.

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5/10 Feiping Chang

We can always count on Feiping Chang for stylish street snaps, and this time, she dropped a portrait taken against the colourful backdrop of a graffiti wall in Melbourne.

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6/10 Lynn Hsieh

Lynn Hsieh reunited with her beloved family members in Taipei.

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7/10 Bonnae Gokson

Bonnae Gokson brightened up our day with a beautiful throwback shot taken in Sydney.

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8/10 Yen Kuok

Yen Kuok broke a sweat at a boxing gym and brought us positive energy with this snap.

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9/10 Esther Sham

Fashionista Esther Sham looked cosy and chic in her exquisite airport outfit.

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10/10 Victoria Tang-Owen

Victoria Tang-Owen dressed in a beautiful lavender cheongsam and struck a couple of different poses for a lovely selfie.

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