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People 10 Best Tatlergrams: Harris Chan Celebrates The Launch Of A New Project For Moiselle And More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Harris Chan Celebrates The Launch Of A New Project For Moiselle And More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Harris Chan Celebrates The Launch Of A New Project For Moiselle And More
Photo: @harris_chan_ph/Instagram
By Helen Yu
By Helen Yu
September 28, 2019
Check out what our Tatler friends have been up to this week:

1/10 Veronica Lam

Veronica Lam enjoyed the good weather and spent a relaxing day out at sea with her close friends.

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2/10 Victoria Tang-Owen

President of the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association, Victoria Tang-Owen, shared a few precious moments captured at the graduation ceremony for the UPSTAIRS project in collaboration with The Upper House.

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3/10 Bonnae Gokson

Fashionista Bonnae Gokson had a fabulous trip to Shanghai and visited the newly opened luxury art-inspired boutique—Le Monde de SHC.

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4/10 Harris Chan

Creative director and deputy CEO of Moiselle, Harris Chan, celebrated the launch of a new shopping concept—M-suite—as designed for the brand with his parents. Congratulations, Harris!

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5/10 Yenn Wong

Yenn Wong and other A-listers such as Jonathan Cheung and Antonia Li enjoyed an intimate dinner at K11 Musea, and congratulated Adrian Cheng on his success in launching a series of innovative projects.

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6/10 Carina Lau

Carina Lau wandered the halls for the Suzhou International Design Week exhibition and found her favourite piece of artwork.

7/10 David Yeung

Founder of Green Monday, David Yeung, was thrilled and proud to announce that his brand has finally touched down in Thailand. Congratulations, David!

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8/10 Laura Cheung

Laura Cheung shared a beautiful photo taken with her close friends in Amsterdam.

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9/10 Sharie Ross-Tse

A-listers such as Yolanda Choy-Tang, Anne Wang-Liu and Leigh Tung-Chou gathered together and threw a wonderful birthday party for Sharie Ross-Tse. Happy Birthday, Sharie!


10/10 Edwin Pun

Edwin Pun shared an artistic self-portrait with a thought-provoking quote.  

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