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People 10 Best Tatlergrams: Laura Cheung's Bridesmaid Excitement and More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Laura Cheung's Bridesmaid Excitement and More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Laura Cheung's Bridesmaid Excitement and More
Laura Cheung (Photo: @lalacheung/Instagram)
By Tara Sobti
March 14, 2020
Check out what our Tatler friends have been up to this week:

1/10 Emily Lam-Ho

Emily Lam-Ho kicked off International Women's Day celebrations with a post dedicated to her "sister", tech entrepreneur Jennifer Zhu Scott.

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2/10 Sabrina Fung-Lam

In a throwback snap, Sabrina Fung-Lam gushes about her friends and family, and her unwavering love for Hong Kong.

3/10 Laura Cheung

It has been an exciting week for Laura Cheung. The Lala Curio owner is all smiles as two of her best friends announce their engagements.

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4/10 Alison Chan El Azar

Making us green with envy with her holiday snaps, Alison Chan El Azar gets her feet wet in a hot tub in Courchevel, France.

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5/10 Eleanor Lam

Proving just how strong their genes are, Eleanor Lam and mother Lynn Hsieh look like they could be sisters in this sweet post on Women's Day.

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6/10 Brandon Chau

Expressing his support for the people in Italy during the current crisis, Brandon Chau posts a photo in front of the Piazza Della Repubblica in Florence.

7/10 Cissy Wang

A family affair: Cissy Wang supports husband Donnie Yen at the premiere of Mulan, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. 

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8/10 Dee Poon

Dee Poon gives us a playful behind the scenes look at her photoshoot with stylist Hannes Hetta.

9/10 Betty Ng

As the famous saying goes:  "Here's to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them". Betty Ng emphasizes this statement in a post dedicated to her friend's niece, Candela.

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10/10 Patricia Tung-Gaw

Blast from the past: Energetic entrepreneur Patricia Tung-Gaw takes us back to her wedding day in a heart warming tribute to her mother.

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