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People 10 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Alison Chan El-Azar Travels To Italy In Style And More

10 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Alison Chan El-Azar Travels To Italy In Style And More

10 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week: Alison Chan El-Azar Travels To Italy In Style And More
Photo: @alisonelazar/Instagram
By Helen Yu
By Helen Yu
July 20, 2019
From making memories with close friends to visiting art exhibitions and trotting the globe, our Tatler friends are certainly making the most of summer. Check out some of our favourite 'grams from the week below:

1/10 Leonard Chao

Leonard Chao embarked on a summer trip to Nagoya with his wife Candice Chan and their two sons.



2/10 Alison Chan El-Azar

Fashionista Alison Chan El-Azar posted a stylish street snap with her close friends Antonia Li and Claudine Ying at Siena, Italy.

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3/10 Laurinda Ho

The adventurous Laurinda Ho showed off her wakesurfing skills.

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4/10 Kevin Poon

Kevin Poon visited his close friend and famous artist Kaws’ large-scale outdoor exhibition at Mount Fuji in Japan, where he struck a pose in front of the iconic “Companion” figure with his fiancé, model Fiona McLeish.

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5/10 Laura Cheung

Beautiful mum Laura Cheung and her baby boy get in touch with nature as they explored Tin Kwong Po Organic Strawberry Farm in Sheung Shui.

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6/10 Veronica Chou

We spotted Veronica Chou and other A-listers such as Ivan Pun, Feiping Chang, Antonia Li and Jonathan Cheung gave their sweet blessings to the newlywed Edward Tang. Congratulations, Edward!

7/10 Karen Mok

Hong Kong pop queen Karen Mok performed in Ningbo, China—marking the 25th show in her global concert tour.

8/10 Wesley Ng

Casetify founder Wesley Ng dropped a hint on where his brand’s next pop-up store will be with this cool snap taken in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

9/10 Bonnie Chan-Woo

Bonnie Chan-Woo paid a visit to an art exhibition at Louis Vuitton Foundation, where she found her favourite piece of artwork crafted by renowned German visual artist—Gerhard Richter.

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10/10 Sharie Ross-Tse

Sharie Ross-Tse enjoyed blue skies and summer breezes in Paris.

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