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People 10 Best Tatlergrams: Yenn Wong Celebrates Birthday With Family And More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Yenn Wong Celebrates Birthday With Family And More

10 Best Tatlergrams: Yenn Wong Celebrates Birthday With Family And More
Photo: @yennwong/Instagram
By Helen Yu
By Helen Yu
December 21, 2019
Check out what our Tatler friends have been up to this week:

1/10 Bonnae Gokson

Art enthusiast Bonnae Gokson paid a visit to Hong Kong’s iconic stone slab street—Pottinger Street—and immersed herself in the atmosphere of Christmas.

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2/10 Carmen Yim

Carmen Yim struck a pose against a beautiful backdrop of gold foliage in Kyoto, Japan.

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3/10 Laura Cheung

Laura Cheung spent some quality time with her family and enjoyed a fun festive dress-up game.

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4/10 Yenn Wong

This year’s birthday celebration was made extra special for Yenn Wong as she just welcomed her newborn baby. Congratulations and happy birthday, Yenn!

5/10 Calvin Wang

Calvin Wang hit the slopes in style during his winter holiday at the Rusutsu Resort in Japan.

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6/10 Esther Sham

After all the Christmas party planning and prepping, we just need an indulgent spa break like what Esther Sham had at the luxury hotel, Rosewood Hong Kong.

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7/10 Pearl Shek

Pearl Shek went to the gym for a good sweat during her holiday in Thailand and enjoyed a scrumptious post-workout meal.   

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8/10 Sarah Zhuang

Sarah Zhuang found the perfect backdrop for a stylish portrait after having a luscious crab feast with her close friends in Shanghai.

9/10 Helen Ma

Helen Ma and her daughter Shyme showed off their beautiful bracelets and took a cute selfie together.

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10/10 Kevin Poon

Kevin Poon got into the Christmas spirit early with his girlfriend Fiona and other close friends.

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