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People 10 Minutes with Nancy Fung

10 Minutes with Nancy Fung

10 Minutes with Nancy Fung
By Christian Barlow
April 22, 2016

Dinners at Tate Dining Room and trips to Tokyo are just some of Nancy’s favourite things to do

We quizzed Nancy Fung, the founder of Signature Communications about her love for Hong Kong, her guilty pleasures, and why Tokyo is always a good idea:

I believe that the people make a place and my love for Hong Kong is tied to the fact that my family and friends are all here, plus it’s probably one of the most efficient cities in the world—I’ve lived in America, Canada and the United Kingdom and none of them compare to Hong Kong.

I love food and trying new places but my favourite cuisine is Japanese or French. Thankfully, Tate Dining Room combines the best of both cuisines, Vicky Lau (the founder of Tate Dining Room) never ceases to amaze me with her delicate flavours and beautiful plating.

I’m not as adventurous when it comes to drinks, I’m usually boring and sipping on a vodka soda but when I feel like a cocktail, I love a Moscow Mule. My friend, Isabella Wong, who founded BRAT makes the best one for my office happy hours.

For a great workout, I enjoy indoor spin classes at XYZ. The music may vary with each instructor but they will certainly make you work up a sweat, the dark cave-like atmosphere is a bonus as I don’t want people to see my perspire! 

My guilty pleasure is late night shopping on, I use the premium delivery service so I get to receive my shopping the next day when I wake up, they’ve made it too easy!

When I’m in the mood to splurge, I go on holiday, usually to another city like Tokyo. It’s close to Hong Kong and hands down my top food city.

Photography by King Fung
Special thanks to Signature Communications


People 10 Minutes with Signature Communications Nancy Fung


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