10 Picture Clues For This Year’s Generation T


June 19, 2017 | BY Claudia Cheung

Can you guess who’ll be on the list based on these hints?

With the unveiling of the 2017 Generation T list inching closer, we can reveal a little bit more about the 50 groundbreaking young leaders who made it onto our list. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so before our big announcement on June 23, here are 10 picture clues as to the identity of this year’s Gen T-listers:

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1.png (original size)

2.png (original size)

4.png (original size)

3_v3.png (original size)

5_v3.png (original size)

6.png (original size)

9.png (original size)

7.png (original size)

10_2.png (original size)

8.png (original size)

Stay tuned for more on the 2017 Generation T, and don’t miss the big reveal on June 23.


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