40 Questions With Our 2017 Gen.T Listers


August 4, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

A quickfire session with Hong Kong's game changers


To show you a more personal side of Gen.T, we posed 40 quickfire questions—to celebrate Hong Kong Tatler's 40th anniversary—to our 10 cover stars from July, including:

Click play to find out Laurel Chor's go-to karaoke song, Luke Grana's spirit animal, what's on Danny Yeung's bucket list and much more. 

people in this story

Peggy Chan

Founder, Grassroots Pantry

Luke Grana

Founder, Grana

Nicole Fung

Co-founder, That Food Cray

Laurel Chor

Founder, Hong Kong Explorers Initiative

Xania Wong

Founder, Jobdoh

Danny Yeung

Founder, Prenetics

Nicholas Ho

Deputy Managing Director, HPA

Elaine Yan Ling Ng

Founder, The Fabrick Lab

Jason Magnus

Musician and entrepreneur

Cesar Jung-Harada

Director, MakerBay