5 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week (August 12)


August 12, 2017 | BY Claudia Cheung

Find out what our Tatler friends have been up to this week

With just a few weeks left of summer, our Tatler friends have been seizing the opportunity to escape from Hong Kong's unpredictable weather. While some were lounging in far-off locations like Sri Lanka, others were busy playing models and photographers for our many photo shoots.

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Queenie Rosita Law

Queenie can finally relax after all the hard work she put in while preparing for the launch of her book, Dear Life.

Kayla Wong

Kayla's throwback picture was a teaser for where she'll be jetting off to next. 

Eleanor Lam

It may not be San Francisco, but Eleanor enjoyed equally delicious baked goods in Seoul, Korea.

Loui Lim

A rainy day didn't stop Loui from working hard in head-to-toe Ports 1961 for our upcoming September fashion supplement. 

Vickie Li

Vickie and her friend, Jasmine Chung, started the week off right with a friends-shooting-friends photo shoot for Tod's, which you'll be able to see in our upcoming September issue. 

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