5 Best Tatlergrams Of The Week (July 15)


July 15, 2017 | BY Claudia Cheung

See what the Tatler community was up to this week

It's no surprise that most of the Tatler community are spending their summer abroad. From Paris to Mexico and Colorado, these international globetrotters are enjoying the sights by spending some quality time with the family—and for some, hanging with Bella Hadid.

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Eleanor Lam

Eleanor and Bella Hadid were practically matching at the Dior event during Paris Fashion Week. Did you know? It was the first time they met.

Victoria Chow

Victoria Chow posted about her time in Mexico when she chased down the true meaning of tequila for our July issue feature.

Emily Lam-Ho

True kids at heart—Emily Lam-Ho and hubbie Kent Ho took a day off from being adults in Colorado.

Kayla Wong

You know they're family when they're a carbon copy of each other. Kayla and her sister, Irisa Wong, looked ready for summer in their white tops and short shorts.

Queenie Rosita Law

Congratulations to Queenie on the completion of her tell-all book—we'll make sure to keep an eye out for it in bookstores soon.

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