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People 5 New Mums On The Best Thing About Motherhood

5 New Mums On The Best Thing About Motherhood

5 New Mums On The Best Thing About Motherhood
By Christian Barlow
By Christian Barlow
May 09, 2017
Mother's Day is coming, so we ask five Hong Kong mum's their favourite things about starting a family

With Mother’s Day approaching, we asked some new mums how they’ll be celebrating and what’s best about being a mother. 

Charlotte Chen

Charlotte Chen.jpg


My husband and I look forward to celebrating my first Mother’s Day with our daughter in Singapore. We’ll probably have a picnic at the botanical gardens followed with an excursion to the zoo.

The best part about being a mum has to be witnessing our daughter, Dahlia, growing every day, and recognising parts of myself in her.

Candy Chuang

Candy Chuang.jpg

Neville and I will be celebrating with our families over a simple lunch at home with our son, so we can all spend time together.Mother’s Day has always been a special day in my family.

I find being a mother the most rewarding experience. Every moment we spend together is precious, and it has taught me to love and appreciate my family more than I ever thought possible. 

Ankie Beilke

Ankie Belkie.jpg


I have nothing planned for Mother’s Day, between taking care of my newborn son and setting up our new home, but I trust that something will come together, even if it’s at the last minute.

The most rewarding part of being a mother is waking up to his bright smile and watching him grow every day.

Claudine Ying

claudia circle.jpg

Since it’s my first Mother’s Day, Lloyd and I will probably extend it into a Mother’s Day weekend, and we’ll be spending it with my daughter and our mothers. We’ll be doing something low-key at home, and hopefully our sisters will be able to join us too.

The best part about being a mother is being able to experience these precious moments with my daughter; it’s simply the best. 

Natalie Chan-Kwok

natalie baby maddie copy.jpg


Justin and I like to celebrate Mother’s Day with a simple al fresco lunch with our families followed by a visit to a strawberry farm, since our daughter loves going strawberry picking.

Being a mother is the best gift I could ever have asked for, despite the early mornings and constantly feeling tired: our daughter brings the family so much joy and laughter.

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