8 Cool Hong Kong Dads To Follow On Instagram


June 13, 2018 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

They say that "a father is a daughter's first love and a son's first hero." From matching outfits to endless adventures, these proud Hong Kong dads can't get enough of their kids and they've got the Instagram posts to prove it.

Photo: Courtesy of @emilylam.ho

Kent Ho

Dads carry the world on their shoulders and with a dad like Kent—who was recently named a 2018 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (WEF)—there's no question that the future looks bright.

Follow him at @king88bear

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8 Cool Hong Kong Dads To Follow On Instagram
Photo: Courtesy of @suntan_hk

Sunny Tan

Despite wearing many hats—including president of the accessories division of Luen Thai, independent non-executive director of Hopewell Holdings and executive vice-chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Textiles—Sunny never fails to make time for his boys.

Follow him at @suntan_hk

Photo: Courtesy of @benkubenku

Benedict Ku

As a DJ and founding partner and creative director of Buzz Concepts—which hosts some of the hottest parties and events in Hong Kong—his two little girls are already the coolest kids in town.

Follow him at @benkubenku

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8 Cool Hong Kong Dads To Follow On Instagram
Photo: Courtesy of @alanyeungkit

Alan Lo

With a fun-loving dad like Alan who's a major player in Hong Kong's restaurant and art scenes (he's the man behind restaurants such as Duddell's in both Hong Kong and London and The Pawn), there's no question that his son will grow up to have exquisite taste.

Follow him at @alanyeungkit

Photo: Courtesy of @therealcjowen

Christopher Owen

Christopher is one stylish dad, and it appears his son is already following suit. From watching his dad and mum, Victoria Tang-Owen, run Hong Kong-based studio Thirty30 Creative and their involvement in the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association—we're sure Rocco will grow up to be a creative and compassionate young man.

Follow him at @therealcjowen

8 Cool Hong Kong Dads To Follow On Instagram
Photo: Courtesy of @nicholas_lcho

Nicholas Ho

Generation T lister Nicholas may be an award-winning architect, but there's no doubt that his two cheeky kids are his ultimate pride and joy. He regularly shares their family adventures around Hong Kong, with adorable hashtags like #theygrowsofast and #stopgrowingup that we're sure every parent can relate to. 

Follow him at @nicholas_lcho

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Photo: Courtesy of @sena701

Paul Husband

Father to twins Willow and Parker, Paul's feed is full of adorable photos of his brood, who also have their own Instagram account. When not in Hong Kong, we bet the kids have a ball visiting the family's stunning villa in Bali. 

Follow him at @paulyp193

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8 Cool Hong Kong Dads To Follow On Instagram
Photo: @12ya17su17

Ryan Sun

There's no question that Ryan's daughter is a daddy's girl. The proud, hands-on father brings her everywhere—from fashion events to his friends' destination weddings, alumni events for his college to Ocean Park where they fed the penguins. We have just one question: is Makayla's sneaker collection as cool as her dad's

Follow him at @12ya17su17

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