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People A Day in the Life of Belinda Koo

A Day in the Life of Belinda Koo

A Day in the Life of Belinda Koo
By Christian Barlow
September 04, 2015

With a commitment to healthy living, the founder of XYZ tells us about her favourite places around Hong Kong and where she likes to indulge and recharge

Keeping fit and incorporating an active lifestyle in a city like Hong Kong can often prove to be challenging however, Belinda Koo seems to prove that there really are no excuses. Koo is up at the crack of dawn, and as the founder of XYZ, Hong Kong’s leading indoor cycling studio, she embodies what all her riders seem to strive for – a lean physique and a commitment to living and eating clean.

Despite this, she allows herself to indulge every now and then, whether it’s a relaxing (and no doubt, much needed holiday) or enjoying a great dessert with her girlfriends. We speak to Koo about life in Hong Kong and uncover some of her favourite things:

One of Hong Kong’s most attractive features is the speed and efficiency of the culture here; if you push hard enough things can get done in no time.

I’m not a huge fan of coffee, but if I need one I usually go to Fuel in Landmark.

Instead of cocktails I’d rather have a whisky – neat please, usually at Stockton, if not at home.

When it comes to breaking a sweat, apart from XYZ, I try to fit in a few sessions of yoga and pilates every week. I also love kickboxing and agility training with my personal trainers.

I find the best cure after a long night is to get up early, warm up the body with a green tea mixed with a pinch of baobab before heading to a 7:00am spin class.  Naturally, it’s important to make the effort to go to bed early the night after! 

When I’m in the mood to splurge I just love different scents and fragrances – searching, testing and learning about them is an indulgence.

When I need to get away from it all, I like practicing the art of doing nothing in a secluded beach resort alone or with a like-minded travel companion with some reading, sleeping, and massaging in-between. 

Believe it or not, I have a sweet tooth and actually love desserts – so I would say my guilty pleasure would be to indulge at Sevva. 

When it comes to getting my hair done I always head to Kim Robinson, and for makeup I tend to just do it myself.

Currently, I’m in the midst of a raw food craze so my home lab is currently my favourite place. Avocado and grapefruit salad, sweet kale lemonade, shiitake mushroom and eggplant adobo with organic rice are currently on the top of my list. Otherwise I love places like Grassroots Pantry, Locofama, and Prune.

If I’ve been away from Hong Kong for a while, I like to unwind and recover at The Spa at Four Seasons, although I secretly wish that Aire Acient Bath in Tribeca would open in Hong Kong.

Photography by King Fung



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