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People A Day in the Life of Kim Robinson

A Day in the Life of Kim Robinson

A Day in the Life of Kim Robinson
By Christian Barlow
November 13, 2015

Having spent the last 40 years in Hong Kong, Asia’s A-list hairstylist tells us about his love for the city  

With a strong following in Hong Kong and Singapore, the opening of his new kr+ salons in Causeway Bay and Sheung Wan, Kim Robinson has even ventured into the art world. Following the launch of his new beauty guidebook, Go Get Gorgeous, Kim Robinson tells us about his love for and life in Hong Kong:

I believe one of Hong Kong’s strengths is the efficiency and the pace of life here, things get done quickly 

I find the best coffee are the ones I make myself

My favourite cocktail has to be the mojitos served at Sevva 

Keeping fit is important and when I’m not working out at home I’m usually breaking a sweat a Pure Fitness in IFC

After a long night all I want to do is sleep for hours on end

When I’m in the mood to splurge it’s usally at L’Eclaireur in Paris 

If I need to get away from it all I head to Margaret River in Western Australia, perhaps one of the most beautiful corners of the world. If I need to stay in Hong Kong, I often paint – I find it to be quite therapeutic.

My guilty pleasure has got to be the dark almond clusters from Sees Candies.

When it comes to doing my hair – naturally I head to my salon.

My favourite dish is the Sevva special salad – I constantly crave it.

If I’ve been away from Hong Kong for a while, I like to return home to cleanse, detox, and get back into the rhythm of things.

Photography by King Fung
Special thanks to Kim Robinson Studio


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