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People Tatler Talks: Crazy Rich Asians Author Kevin Kwan In Conversation With Tatler Philippines

Tatler Talks: Crazy Rich Asians Author Kevin Kwan In Conversation With Tatler Philippines

Tatler Talks: Crazy Rich Asians Author Kevin Kwan  In Conversation With Tatler Philippines
By Tatler Philippines
July 23, 2020
Author Kevin Kwan joins Tatler Philippines editor-in-chief, Anton San Diego, to discuss the new things he's been up to since his new book, Sex and Vanity, made headlines

Circles in Hollywood (and select in-the-know book clubs) have recently been abuzz with news of Kevin Kwan. The author who's best known for introducing us to the opulence of Crazy Rich Asians has recently released his new book, Sex and Vanity. In the July issue of Tatler Philippines, the multi-awarded author spoke to editor-in-chief Anton San Diego, to discuss exciting new details on his new book which centres on the love story between the half-Chinese and half-white protagonist, Lucie Churchill, and her romantic interest, George Zao.

On July 31 2020, he goes live with Tatler Philippines for a more in-depth look at his new book and future plans. Join us at 11:00am on our Facebook page to hear Kevin's latest takes on all things crazy, rich, and Asian. 

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He will be discussing both his bestselling books, the eponymous Hollywood blockbuster, as well as his future plans as a writer. He will give us a glimpse into his creative process, as well as how he's been dealing with the current turn of events, which has likely delayed production on the second Crazy Rich Asians movie. Find out about his future endeavours and know about the latest updates to the Sex and Vanity movie adaptation, which has been picked up by Sony Pictures and SK Global Entertainment. 

In a previous interview with Anton San Diego, Kevin had talked about missing Asia—Manila and Hong Kong in particular. For this Tatler Talks, he joins a few of the country's most prominent Manila personalities namely: true-to-life crazy rich Asian, Heart Evangelista, and award-winning journalist, Karen Davila. Heart, for her part, will be talking about her experiences at the Paris couture week with Harper's Bazaar while Karen Davila will share the interesting way she's encountered Kevin before. 

Sure to be a memorable event, the third Tatler Talks will give audiences an interesting look at the lives of some of media's most interesting personalities. See you there!

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