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People Li Ka-shing Meets Shanghai Dance Students at Airport, Pays for Their Trip

Li Ka-shing Meets Shanghai Dance Students at Airport, Pays for Their Trip

Li Ka-shing Meets Shanghai Dance Students at Airport, Pays for Their Trip
By Christian Gollayan
July 23, 2019
According to reports, Hong Kong's richest man donated over US$120,000 [HK$937,000] to the dance group

Li Ka-shing’s generosity knows no bounds.

Last Tuesday, a group of children from Shanghai that was en route to an international dance competition ran into the Hong Kong billionaire at an airport in Japan, and Li offered to pay for their trip and buy each one of them a present.

The serendipitous meeting was documented on Weibo, which showed Li posing for photos with the 45 kids and their teachers from the Little Pigeon Dancing Group at the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan.

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“The children bumped into Mr. Li Ka-shing at the airport, who looked very pleased and volunteered to take pictures with the children,” Zhang Zhuo, one of the dancers’ mums, wrote on Weibo on Thursday. “Today a staff member from the Li Ka-shing Foundation contacted the dance group and offered to sponsor the trip to Japan.”

A dance teacher from the group also wrote on Weibo, “[Li] was so pleased after seeing the children at the airport that he decided to sponsor for the trip … So rich and generous, charitable and loving.”

While the foundation didn’t disclose how much money Li donated to the dance group, one of the teachers wrote on Weibo that the trip was US$2,700 [HK$21,000] per child. The South China Morning Post approximates that Li donated over US$120,000 [HK$937,000].

The foundation also noted that the kids should use the money to buy themselves a present. Zhang wrote that her daughter purchased an eraser.

“It is not about how expensive the gift is. It’s happiness that counts. We must know to be grateful and moderate,” Zhang said.

As the richest man in Hong Kong, Li has dedicated his life to giving back to the community. Since starting his eponymous foundation in 1980, he’s donated over HK$20 billion to hospitals, schools and universities.

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