6 Tips On Cooking The Perfect Family Meal


October 20, 2017 | BY Marianna Cerini & Oliver Giles

Nissim Tse, director of Hedge Fund Sofaer Global Research and culinary whizz, shares tips on how to cook the perfect family meal

Nissim Tse (Photo: Hong Kong Tatler)

Tatler 500 lister Nissim Tse has many passions—shorinjiryu karate, golf and boxing being just a few. But did you know? The director of hedge fund Sofaer Global Research is also a cooking enthusiast, and as part of our October 'How To' series, he shares his top tips on cooking the perfect family meal:

1. Take a pinch of inspiration from cookbooks and a bucket-load of fresh produce. A good selection of groceries can often guide the direction of your menu.

2. Mix your ingredients well, but don’t overdo it. I make a mean roast beef marinated in Stilton.

3. Sometimes, two unexpected flavours coming together are all you need to create an exciting dish.


Nissim Tse (Photography: Nic and Bex Gaunt | Styling: Rosana Lai)

4. Prep well beforehand. It cuts the actual cooking time in half.

5. Keep it simple and try to make the base sauces and consommés yourself. My go-to is my Serrano ham stock. It makes everything taste amazing.

6. Go easy on dessert. It should be a palate cleanser, not bog you down. Fresh fruit is a good way to end a meal, especially if you have kids. My Vampire Salad is a winner at the table: fresh berries, diced mangoes and blood orange juice, with mint leaves and fresh basil on top. Adults-only party? Flambé it with Cointreau for show.

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