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People In Conversation with Shoshana Weinberg of The Four Seasons Spa

In Conversation with Shoshana Weinberg of The Four Seasons Spa

In Conversation with Shoshana Weinberg of The Four Seasons Spa
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 14, 2015

Six months into my pregnancy, I decided to start trying out a couple of pre-natal massages. My gynecologist actually advised me against it, worrying that the therapist might induce an early contraction by applying the wrong pressure on certain pressure points. However, I was determined to look and feel great during my pregnancy, so I decided to go ahead with the treatment but to be more selective about the spas I visit.

My first spa visit was to the Four Seasons, tucked away high above the hustle and bustle of Central below. After the treatment I spoke with the Asia-Pacific Senior Spa Director, Shoshana Weinberg, a fourteen-year veteran in the Spa industry, about the prenatal treatments on offer at the hotel.

Joanne Chan: How many prenatal spa treatments do you offer at the spa?
Shoshana Weinberg: We have a signature treatment called "Mother’s Love" with a duration of two hours. Shorter pre-natal treatments of 60 and 90 minutes are also available.

JC: Can you explain the logic behind the combination of treatments for your pre-natal clientele?
SW: "Mother’s Love" rewards your body physically and strengthens your mind emotionally. It includes a full body scrub with honey and salt which purifies your energy levels, followed by an organic aloe vera wrap to moisturise skin and to finish with a prenatal massage that uses a combination of techniques to help release and ease any tension.

JC: How does a regular spa treatment differ from a pre-natal treatment?
SW: Our therapists who specialise in "Mother’s Love" or any of our prenatal treatments have a spiritual touch and sense of motherhood. They are trained by a professional midwife and use traditional Asian herbs to warm up the body.

JC: When can pregnant women start their pre-natal spa treatments? And when should she stop?
SW: Pregnant women may begin after their first trimester and they can continue to do so until they give birth.

JC: How often should pregnant women go for a pre-natal spa treatment?
SW: Guests are recommended to do this treatment once a week.  Massages can be done up to three times a week. The more massage the less lymphatic swelling – therefore the more comfortable your pregnancy will be.

JC: Apart from spa treatments, what would you advise pregnant women to do at home to stay radiant during her pregnancy?
SW: Guests may take organic herbs baths at home. They should make sure to keep up with regular exercise (walking is the best) and continue to moisturise regularly with organic face masks! It is very important to apply organic oils to the growing belly and thighs to reduce stretch marks. I would also suggest if you are planning to breastfeed, to use a loofah pad on your breasts to get them ready!

JC: Any tips for women looking to stay beautiful and radiant during her pregnancy?
SW: Getting enough sleep is vital, regular nutrition, and take multi-vitamin supplements. I believe fresh juices and whole meals are the best.

JC: Do you offer any post-natal spa treatments?
SW: Indeed we do – ‘Mother’s Love’ may be booked as a post-natal spa treatment.  We customise our services to help with the trapped fluids in the body. Also, we have other signature treatments for example, the. Contouring Detox Experience and a Complete Organic Cleanse, which is also highly recommended. It helps with sweating to release toxins and as well contouring the shape of the body.

JC: How soon after giving birth would you recommend starting the post-natal spa treatment?
SW: Guests could book this treatment after two weeks of delivery (natural delivery) and two months after a C-section.

JC: How often should they go?
SW:,This question is best answered by the therapists, once they have consulted the guest, as each woman’s body is different,

JC: Does the post-natal treatment help women return to their pre-baby body?
SW: Yes, it certainly helps. ‘Mother’s Love’ and those suggested for post-natal treatments could help combat water retention. We must not forget that a regular balanced diet and exercise is needed.

Although the Four Seasons came with a very well equipped pre-treatment steam, sauna and so forth, I did not indulge as I have been advised to avoid over-heating the body, and its best to avoid any slippery surfaces. During the treatment, I was offered a special pillow for pregnant women which allowed me to lie on my tummy. Personally, I found it uncomfortable as my chest and tummy are particularly sensitive, so instead I chose to lie on my side.

The therapist started the treatment with a scrub of salt and honey to boost circulation and to revive the skin, followed by an aloe vera wrap. I then had a full body, 90-minute massage. As a first time mother-to-be, my tummy is not particularly big, as such I was spared from an aching back which I’ve heard is normal in the sixth month. The treatment was, without a doubt, very soothing and relaxing with the scrub leaving me with baby soft skin.

For enquiries, contact the Four Seasons Spa at +852-3196-8888



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