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People My Favourite Things: Bone Kizuna, Founder Of Bonnetti Interior Design

My Favourite Things: Bone Kizuna, Founder Of Bonnetti Interior Design

Bone Kizuna
Photo: Michaela Giles/Hong Kong Tatler
By Jacqueline Kot
By Jacqueline Kot
November 12, 2019
From skiing in Zermatt to a meal at Ukai Toriyama, here are some of Boné Kizuna’s top picks

Boné Kizuna, founder of interior design firm Bonnetti Company, went to boarding school in Switzerland and university in the US before moving to Hong Kong to work on various residential, F&B and hospitality projects around town, as well as in Japan and Thailand.

Here, he talks about the charming town of Lugano in Switzerland, being inspired by The Alchemist and strolling around Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

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1/8 Bathroom


I would say the bathroom: it’s nice to take a bath after a long day. I think it comes from my Japanese genes. Soaking in hot water helps me release all the stress and tiredness I’m feeling from a busy day, and relaxes me before going to sleep.

2/8 Lugano, Switzerland

Lake Lugano at sunset seen from Monte Bre, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland
Photo: Getty Images

I lived in a number of cities before moving to Hong Kong, and I think each place has its own charm. I especially like Lugano in Switzerland, where I spent most of my teenage years while at boarding school. I have lots of memories of growing up in this city. When I was a teenager, I used to think it was too quiet and boring, but now I appreciate its charm. It is also located close to ski resorts, where I go skiing during the winter.

3/8 Villa Saan

Photo: Courtesy of Villa Saan
Photo: Courtesy of Villa Saan

I would say a villa project I was involved in—Villa Saan at the Paresa resort in Phuket. It is a great destination and its private chef cooks up amazing food, starting from traditional Thai dishes to more modern, unique creations. The resort is very spacious and comfortable—we made sure the elevation and placement of furniture all throughout the villa was well thought out, so guests can view the amazing scenery of the ocean from eye level.

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4/8 The Alchemist

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

That will be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which was given to me by an influential person when I was at university in Boston. The story of a young boy who found his way through a difficult path, it inspired me to face new challenges and gave me strength.

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5/8 Museum of Fine Arts

Photo: Bill Damon via Flickr
Photo: Bill Damon via Flickr

As I lived in Europe and the US for most of my school days, I have visited many interesting museums around the world. However my favourite is the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston—it has an extensive collection of art from all over the world. I really enjoy walking around and seeing all the rare artworks.

6/8 Ukai Toriyama

Photo: Courtesy of Ukai Toriyama
Photo: Courtesy of Ukai Toriyama

I have tons of recommendations for restaurants to visit around the world, but if you ask me where I like the most and feel at home, that will be Ukai Toriyama, at the foot of Mount Takao in Japan. It is not an expensive restaurant but with its atmosphere and use of fine ingredients and a charcoal grill—it’s just amazing. It is located in my home town, where I spent my childhood before leaving for boarding school in Switzerland at age 12.

7/8 Hayao Miyazaki

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

I really admire the work of Hayao Miyazaki. Since I was young, his creations have moved my heart, and the comfort and thrill that I get from seeing his work is indescribable. I think true artists are the ones who can express messages that can influence one’s feelings through their creations.

8/8 Niseko in Japan and Zermatt in Switzerland

GRAND HIRAFU VILLAGE, NISEKO, HOKKAIDO, JAPAN - 2017/03/15: The snow-capped Mount Yotei, a dormant volcano in Niseko, Japan, as viewed in the evening light from the village of Grand Hirafu. (Photo by Stefan Irvine/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Photo: Getty Images

My favourite destination depends on the time of year. Every destination has its own seasonal beauty and I like outdoor activities such as skiing or water sports, which also depend on the season. I like travelling to Niseko in Japan or Crans-Montana and Zermatt in Switzerland for skiing. For warmer weather, I like going to Australia’s Sunshine Coast for water sports or somewhere in the South Pacific for sailing.

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