Tatler's Rumour Mill For August


August 14, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

The juiciest pieces of gossip we've come across this month

Word travels fast in this town, and we've learned a juicy tidbit or two that are too good not to share. Did you recognise anyone here?

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Daddy issues

RM-aug2.jpgIllustration: Kitty N. Wong

Which heiress can’t stop posting selfies of herself making out with different men on her private Instagram account? She has a thing for models and an insatiable appetite for attention.

Everybody nose

RM-aug1.jpgIllustration: Kitty N. Wong

This young lady appears to be off the wagon and back into her old habits. She had no shame about it at a recent event, openly talking about her vices.

Compromising position

RM-aug3.jpgIllustration: Kitty N. Wong

You can imagine our surprise when we stumbled on two girls in a closed cubicle. There appeared to be a little inebriated experimentation going on. 

All illustrations by Kitty N. Wong. Check out her latest exhibition featuring Hong Kong food and fashion from now until August 18, 2017 at K11 Art Mall.

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