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People We Asked: Who’s Your Dream Valentine’s Date?

We Asked: Who’s Your Dream Valentine’s Date?

We Asked: Who’s Your Dream Valentine’s Date?
By Christian Barlow
February 07, 2017
Dreams might just come true

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With the holiday of love coming up, we put one question to a few familiar faces:  “If you could spend your Valentine's Day with anyone, who would it be and why?” Their answers might just surprise you. 

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 Laetitia Yu


Laetitia: "A private training session with Akin Akman is my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day. He’s a celebrity personal trainer based in New York, a master instructor at SoulCycle and he leads his own boot camp classes, better known as Akin’s Army. He’s an incredible athlete who inspires everyone he coaches—plus he’s also modelled for Tommy Hilfiger, so he’s easy on the eyes, too."

 Denise Lo


Denise: "Dinner with George Clooney would be a dream. I’m a big fan of his but I also wouldn’t mind if his wife, Amal, joined us too; I have the utmost respect for her and all the human rights work she does with the United Nations."

 Queenie Rosita Law


Queenie: "I have the biggest girl crush on [supermodel] Gigi Hadid right now, so I would love to be able to spend a day with her, whether it’s going for drinks, dinner, shopping or just simply hanging out."

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 Denise Ho


Denise: "I love it when a guy can really make me laugh out loud, so my dream date would have to be [comedian] Conan O’Brien. I would love to go on a date with Ryan Gosling, but I would probably end up blushing through the whole dinner. So definitely Conan. It’s stressful just thinking about dinner with Ryan."

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 Esther Sham


Esther: "I would love to have a date with the NBA player, Jeremy Lin. He had to struggle through a lot of racial stereotypes and criticisms but still continued to be faithful to God and stayed focused on his goal. I'm a Christian myself too, and I truly admire his humbleness, the clarity of his mind and his boldness against temptations."

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